6 CD storage ideas to organize your music collection in style

CD storage ideas for any music lovers who aren't quite ready to give up their collection, and don't know how to style all those boxes

CD storage ideas in blue built in cabinetry
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Yes, CD storage ideas are still a thing, even if CDs themselves seem to have been sent to history.  So many of us lovingly built up collections, sourcing rare finds and live versions, and it seems a shame to get rid. But how to style these bulky pieces when space at home is always at a premium? And when having them on show in a plastic rack can feel a little...dated?

That's the problem with CDs. We're so all about the best surround sound systems these days  that this nod to the past can seem a little....embarassing.

But organizing your music collection can increase the lifespan of your beloved albums and make them easily accessible. While music streaming from Spotify or Amazon Music using the best smart speakers can be convenient, not all of us are ready to abandon our CD collections, after all. 

So if you're not quite ready to yard sale your CD collection, take a moment to organize your music at home. Keep them within easy reach and you can dance to your favorite album whenever the mood suits. 

6 CD storage ideas to organise your music collection

1. Choose a media unit with open and closed storage

The Painted Furniture Company media unit with chair and light

(Image credit: The Painted Furniture Company)

If you want to keep your interior looking streamlined and clutter-free, storing your CD collection behind closed doors is the ideal solution. A bespoke piece such as this Blake large dresser from The Painted Furniture Company (pictured above) can work well as it can be tailored to your measurements. 

Keeping the CDs themselves behind closed doors creates a more calming feeling than seeing rows of them on display. A dresser like this mixes open cubby holes and closed storage space so you can choose what to display and what to hide away. Store CDs, books, DVDs, objet d’art and anything else in style - this could be perfect for vinyl storage, too.

2. Illuminate your display 

Neatsmith dresser illumitated to showcase accessories

(Image credit: Neatsmith)

Instead of hiding your collection away behind closed doors, highlighting it - quite literally with mood lighting - can make a stylish statement. It can also bring out the beauty of the media unit - be it the wood or glass, for example.  

'When choosing a media unit we recommend using LEDs within the shelving to illuminate the contents,' says Philipp Nagel, Director of Neatsmith. 'You can choose from a variety of muted and contemporary materials such as wood or glass doors that come in a beautiful variety of colours and effects to complement a room. Choosing a finish such as dark oak or walnut for your unit creates a dramatic look when combined with inlaid LEDs. Or if you're looking to keep the room light and bright, shadow oak is a great choice.'

3. Choose a purpose-built CD storage cabinet 

Wayfair CD Multimedia cabinet

(Image credit: Wayfair CD Multimedia cabinet)

If you have a particularly large CD collection and wish to add to it, choose a storage unit built with CD storage in mind. You can find a variety of CD storage units online to suit both contemporary or modern set ups with cubby holes that are the optimum size for CDs and DVDs. Amazon has a wide range of CD storage units, as do companies such as Ikea. Speaking of, many Ikea vinyl storage hacks we've spoken of previously could be used for CDs, too.

We think a piece such as this CD multimedia cabinet from Wayfair works well. It comes in both white and black gloss finishes. If you're thinking about color coding your CD collection as you would a book collection, the white finish can look particularly good as it provides a neutral and refreshing background. 

4. Mount your favorite CDs on the wall 

CollectorMount on Etsy CDs mounted onto a wall

(Image credit: CollectorMount on Etsy)

Picking out a few of your favorite CD albums and displaying them on the wall can add interest to your interior scheme. In our feature on the best ways to display vinyl around your home, we suggest adding character to your walls with iconic vinyl album covers, but using your most coveted CDs in this way can be just as effective. 

We like the invisible CD Mounts you can buy on Etsy, as they can be easily positioned. The CDs can also be replaced regularly so you never get bored of the decor. 

5. Choose storage that houses both your CDs and vinyl

Teebooks CD and vinyl storage

(Image credit: Teebooks CD and vinyl storage)

Keep things neat by choosing a storage solution that has the ideal dimensions to house all your vinyl, CD, DVDs and other music media. An item such as this CD and vinyl storage unit from Teebooks works particularly well. It has the ideal depth for books, CDs and DVDs on the upper shelves and space for your vinyl below. You can find a range of CD storage solutions online, but also consider a bespoke option if you're after a unique fit. 

6. Use floating CD storage shelves 

TeeBooks CD Storage Shelf

(Image credit: TeeBooks CD Storage Shelf)

A simple CD storage shelf can work well to house a relatively small CD collection off the floor so it can be easily accessed. Purpose-built designs such as these from TeeBooks (pictured above) have ends that will hold your CDs in place - and stop them domino-ing onto the floor. 

They look good positioned alone as a single shelf or stacked as a pair. Each shelf holds around 56 CDs, which gives you a decent amount of space to grow your collection too. Three or four floating shelves can also look good placed one above the other. 

What is the best way to store CDs? 

'Get really clear on which CD's you own actually mean something to you,' says Kathryn Lord from More to Organising. 'Any that are scratched should go. Some people have lots of CD's and yet nothing to play them on. If they mean that much to you, buy a CD player and commit to playing them. A great CD storage solution is to use a portable sleeve. This doesn't take up too much space and can be portable so you can transfer them to the CD player in the car, as and when you like.' 

How do I clean my CDs? 

Dirty discs? If you find your CD is skipping, it may need a clean. Remember to: 

1. Make sure your hands are clean before you touch the CD.  

2. Try not to touch the surface. Hold the CD by the side with one finger through the circle in the middle. 

3. Using a clean microfibre cloth, wipe the CD in a straight line from the centre to the outer edges. Avoid circular motions as this can scratch the CD. 

4. If your CD is particularly dirty, it may need a stronger solution. You can find plenty of advice online about how to clean your CDs using a tiny amount of mild washing up liquid or diluted isopropyl alcohol. 

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