5 of the Best Plants to Grow Along Gravel Paths — 'They Add the Perfect Touch to Your Walkway!'

These plants are the perfect floor-side foliage for a well-draining gravel path

a Mediterranean backyard
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Spring is the perfect time to get back into gardening mode and we've noticed tons of green trends that have given us plenty of inspiration, but one that stood out above the rest was the gravel-adorned garden-scape. This particular garden aesthetic is so beautiful and we thought it was merely an unattainable dream up until now. As it turns out, there are a number of plants that can thrive by your gravel walkway, and better yet, they're suitable to grow at this time of the year.

These lush plants will make your modern garden the envy of the neighborhood and some of these crops will give you more than just healthy foliage. We consulted the experts and they've let us in on their tips to cultivate a beautifully green display to line your gravel path this season. Now you can have a cheerful walkway to your garden that'll make venturing into your backyard all the more appealing.

1. Lavender

lavender plants

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In conversation with Tony O'Neill, he tells us that lavender is not only beautiful but also drought-resistant and low maintenance, making it increasingly popular in various climates. Moreover, he informs us that among the best plants to grow for a flourishing walkway is lavender. 'Iconic for its fragrant purple flowers and silvery-green foliage, these seeds should be planted in well-draining soil under heavy sunlight,' he says.

Tony tells us that caring for lavender is effortless as it thrives on neglect, requiring little water once established and simply suggests an annual prune after flowering to maintain shape and encourage new growth.

2. Thyme

Creeping thyme edging path

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Herbs - especially Meditteranean varieties that like well-draining soil, make a great choice for your gravel path, especially fragrant thyme. According to horticultural expert Dr. Taha Arooj, creeping thyme is a great low-growing variety. As a groundcover plant it's perfect for creating a fragrant, walkable garden path.

'It produces tiny, aromatic leaves and small pink or purple flowers in the summer and prefers full sun, well-drained soil and needs little maintenance,' Taha notes. She also adds that thyme is a hardy plant that can tolerate foot traffic, meaning you don't need to worry about this hardy plant growing on your walkway.

If you're looking for a variety of thyme to grow for a more bushy look along your path, you could try growing wooly thyme. 'This member of the thyme family produces dots of light-purple flowers and it makes an ideal grower for groundcover,' she notes.

3. Rosemary

rosemary, sage and chive plants in herb garden

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Another incredible herb to grow alongside your garden path is rosemary. Tony tells us that aside from being a great source of groundcover, this aromatic plant sprouts needle-like leaves, perfect for culinary use and ornamental purposes. 'Planting rosemary in full sun and growing it in well-draining soil will lead to a thriving crop of herbs,' he says. 'Remember to water sparingly and prune regularly to encourage bushy growth.'

Not only will growing rosemary give you a picturesque walkway to your backyard but it'll also give you the gift of homegrown herbs ready to throw in at any given moment. Imagine leading your guests through to your garden and offering them a bundle of freshly picked herbs - it'll give you a wholesome feeling of satisfaction.

4. Stonecrop

A bunch of stonecrop succulents

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Succulents aren't only meant to be bought from the store and placed by your study. In fact, they're a great addition to the pathway that lines the entrance to your garden. Gene Caballero, co-founder of Green Pal, tells us that stonecrops, commonly known as sedums, are succulents that provide excellent groundcover. 'They're tough, drought-tolerant plants that offer a variety of colors and textures to your garden. Plus, their dense growth doesn't give weeds a chance,' he says.

One of the best plants for a dry garden, stonecrop is undeniably pretty and they sprout quickly, making them a great choice for your walkway. They also add an exotic dessert vibe to your walkway and would also look beautiful beside a pebbled footpath.

5. Agapanthus

agapanthus flowers

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Agapanthus is a great structural plant to line your gravel path. 'These plants feature striking blue or white flowers atop tall stalks, adding both height and elegance,' he says, advising gardeners to plant agapanthus in a sunny spot with fertile, well-draining soil.

'Water regularly during the growing season and feed with a balanced fertilizer,' notes. 'Don't forget to deadhead spent flowers to promote more blooms.' These stunning tall flowers will instantly give you the feeling of walking through a meadow every time you make your way into your outdoor space.

Take it from us, lush walkways are sure to spark joy and they'll make your garden look like a flourishing oasis from the moment you step outdoors. It's the perfect finishing touch to your backyard, so leave basic pathways in the dust and get to work on your soon-to-be flowering trail.

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