Nate Berkus’s Formula for Window Treatments is so Simple and Promises Beautiful Blinds Every Time

This is how to properly style your shades if you want a Berkus-inspired finishing touch in your home

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If you know us then you probably know of our adoration for Nate Berkus' home style. The interior designer has some brilliant pieces of advice for interior enthusiasts looking to imbibe that professional finish into a home, and when it comes to window treatment trends, his might be our favorite take yet.

When it comes to finding the perfect formula for modern window treatments, Nate likes to keep things simple. While window accessories are often neglected along the way, we find that it's the finer details that matter, and industry experts also find his advice to be ideal for a chic window whatever the setting. Here's how Nate styles his for beautiful blinds every time.

Inside mount Roman Blinds for the perfect window treatment

A hallway with neutral walls, console table and Roman blinds with a deep red fringed trim, leading into a living room with curtains lined with deep red edge

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Taking to Instagram to share his wealth of design advice, Nate explained how he perfects his window treatments. 'Pretty much every designer has their own take on their go-to when it comes to figuring out their window treatments,' he says in the video. 'There's been a lot of questions about this, especially in light of my new collection at The Shade Store, but here's my cheat sheet for your windows at home.'

To quench our intrigue, Nate goes on to reveal that his favorite living room window treatment is Roman blinds. His favoritism could be due to their versatility; clean and minimalistic, they're easily adaptable to any space.

In the reel, Nate mentions that an inside mount is preferable where possible. He explains that this simply means that the blinds are to rest within the walls of the window frame, for a neater finish. 'This is great for room darkening because the shade sits inside the frame and not on the mounting, so you don't get a lot of light on the sides,' says Nate.

roman shades by Wovn home

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Interior designer Nina Lichtenstein agrees with Nate's choice and tells us that his preference for inside mounts underscores his commitment to a polished, classic aesthetic. If you're still deciding whether to pick curtains or blinds, this idea might just tip the scales.

According to Nina, inside mounts offer a cleaner, more fitted look that protrudes less into the room. 'This approach not only enhances the overall appearance but also improves light-blocking capabilities, ensuring better privacy and light control,' says Nina.

She further lauds the treatment of Roman blinds, explaining that these window accessories are the epitome of streamlined style. 'Roman blinds are a staple in sophisticated design, providing a perfect blend of form and function.,' she says. 'Their clean lines and elegant simplicity make them an excellent choice for a variety of interiors, from contemporary to classic.'

Two styles of roman blinds for two opposing finishes

Aside from sharing his advice on window treatment layout, Nate also goes on to breakdown the style of Roman blinds that work best. Based on the type of ambiance you're going for, Nate recommends flat folds and relaxed folds. Here's what each style means and what our designers have to say for both finishes.

Flat folds for a more tailored finish

A living room with ivory flat fold roman blinds

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Now that we're certain that Roman blinds are among the top window treatments designers love, let's get into the effortless finish that a flat fold brings to a space. On his Instagram, Nate explains that you simply can't go wrong with a flat-fold Roman blind. '[In a flat fold], that means the line goes straight across on the bottom,' says Nate. He finds that they have an unbeatably clean look that makes the space seem perfectly tailored.

Nina agrees with Nate's outlook and finds that flat-fold Roman blinds are perfect for a clean, modern aesthetic. 'Its smooth, unbroken surface adds a touch of sophistication to any room,' she says. 'This makes it ideal for spaces that demand a more structured, minimalist approach.' So if you're giving your minimalist living room a spruce and feel like there's an element of design needed to pull the space together, try on some sleek flat-folds.

Relaxed folds for a romantic touch

View of a window with sheer linen cafe curtains and a large accent chair

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'[Relaxed folds] are more of a balloon shape, which means that it swoops since the fabric isn't as tight,' explains Nate in his video, suggesting them as the alternative to the more polished look that infuses an air of romance into the space. These are a touch more whimsical and perfectly align with the playfulism decor trend.

'We find that these wispy folds introduce a little bit of drama to a room and so does Nina. 'The relaxed fold offers a softer, more casual drape, creating a romantic and inviting atmosphere. This style works beautifully in bedrooms or sitting areas where a cozy, intimate ambiance is desired.' Not only do they make for a stylish idea for living room windows, but the tousled folds give off that effortless vibe that most homes aim to embody.

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