How much does it cost to tile a bathroom?

Fancy tiling your bathroom? Here’s how much it’s going to cost.

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Wondering how much does it cost to tile a bathroom is a big part of beginning a project. Tiling is one of the most practical ways of injecting colour, texture and pattern into your bathroom. With hard-wearing and water-resistant properties, it’s no wonder that bathroom tile ideas have been a popular choice for bathroom design for decades. 

Whether you want to keep it simple but classy with metro tiles or mix it up with a mural, tiling your bathroom affords you the freedom to get creative. But how much does it cost?

Take a look at this expert guide to find out how much it costs to tile a bathroom. 


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There are a few factors you should need to know about when wondering how to tile a bathroom.

Firstly, you need to decide which areas of your bathroom you want tiled. Do you want to tile all the way from the floor to the ceiling or do you want the room to be half tiled?

The design of the room also needs to be considered. Designer Oscar Litson of Ripples Wokingham says it’s important to think about the overall effect of the tiles and what you want them to bring to the bathroom. ‘Do you want a bold colour or pattern to grab attention and make a statement or do you want something more neutral which blends timelessly with the furniture chosen for the space?’

Another question you need to ask yourself is: who will be using the bathroom? Harriet Goodacre of Topps Tiles says one of the first things to think about is who will be using the room the most: ‘If it’s your family bathroom for example, as well as ensuring your tiles are suitable for wet areas, you should look for floor tiles with a high level of slip resistance, to keep the whole family safe from potential slips or accidents.’

And finally, preparation is key. ‘As a room with so much moisture, ensuring that your walls and floors are prepped correctly is crucial,’ says Goodacre. ‘That includes ensuring the areas you want to tile are watertight using tanking, primers or backboards. Investing in and taking the time to properly prepare your space will not only save any issues or water damage in the future, but will also ensure the longevity of your tiles.’


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‘The overall cost of tiling your bathroom really does depend on a wide range of factors,’ says Goodacre. ‘From the level of preparation required, through to the tiles you choose and how many tiles you need for your space. The size of your space will also impact how much adhesive, grout and how many trims you’ll need which will contribute to your overall costs.’

It’s also important to consider wastage. Litson says, ‘However amazing the tiler is, wastage still needs to be allowed due to the cuts and complexity of most bathroom shapes and products.’


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When it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom, you won’t be short of options. There is a wide variety of tiles on offer, so which ones should you go for?

On-trend tiles

‘Bold, graphic tiles in pastel tones or monochrome are hugely on-trend at the moment and are popular with many interior-loving clients,’ says Litson. ‘However, more classic choices will always be popular due to their timeless nature, so there's always a demand for simply textured porcelain tiles, flagstone-style floor tiles and modern white metro tiles.’

Big vs small

‘For smaller spaces, using larger tiles in a neutral colour can help to make a space look bigger as there will be fewer grout lines,’ says Goodacre. ‘Alternatively smaller tiles can be more versatile, offering the opportunity to play around with tile placement to create different patterns or textures.’ 

Budget vs luxury

If you want to splash out on your bathroom, then perhaps you should consider more bespoke tiles such as hand finished porcelain tiles or real stone tiles. But if you are on a budget, mass made ceramic tiles might be a more suitable option. 

However, if you do choose ceramic tiles, Goodacre advises using them for walls only and says they are not suitable for floors in a high traffic, high moisture area like a bathroom. While porcelain tiles are more expensive, they are durable and can be used on both walls and floors.  


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It’s hard to give an exact figure as the overall cost will depend on your choice of tile and how big your bathroom is. But for a medium sized bathroom, you’re looking at an average cost of around £1,500 for 30 square meters plus the cost of installation.

If you want to know how much materials are going to cost you then it’s a good idea to work out how many metres squared of tiles you’ll need, check the m2 price for your tiles then add the cost of adhesive and grout.

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