The Best Sherwin Williams Paint Colors for a Bathroom — 5 Picks Designers and Experts Love

If you’re looking to create a timeless, sophisticated bathroom, look no further than these Sherwin Williams colors you can’t go wrong with

bathroom in off white with darker feature wall, wood vanity, and white tub
(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

Painting the bathroom walls in any of the homes I lived in has always been something I struggled with. I knew I wanted it to feel relaxing, almost spa-like, but also have character (although not that much character that I’d get bored of it in two weeks), keeping it functional, easy to clean, and timeless. Now that’s somewhat of a tricky list.

Even if you get it wrong, generally paint is not that difficult to change, but in a bathroom, where all the other elements like your bath, sink, and tiles are not that easy to replace, you’re limited in your search for a bathroom color idea, as it needs to match what is to an extent unchangeable, at least for a while.

However, Sherwin Williams is one of interior designers’ favorite paint brand for good reason. You’ll be sure to find a shade that is not only timeless but versatile, no matter the style of your bathroom design. Here, the brand’s color expert is joined by interior designers to share their favorite shades for a sophisticated bathroom.

1. Shoji White SW 7042

white bathroom wall with window and freestanding tub in front

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

If you can’t decide between gray or beige, this is your perfect happy middle ground. Shoji White is a beautiful creamy white that reads a bit like a greige paint, and it’s versatile enough to pair with different colors or metal accents. It also has a very relaxing feel. ‘To get that spa-like feel in a bathroom, I recommend Shoji White SW 7042, a warm and creamy white that marries modern lines with soft touches to create the ultimate escape,’ says Emily Kants, color expert at Sherwin Williams. 

‘Add a focal point to your space with a warm contrasting hue and allow natural light to bring out the gentle glow of Shoji White’s zen style,’ she adds. Perle Noir, a deep, sophisticated purple that feels almost black will create a contrast that doesn’t feel harsh, but modern and cozy instead.

2. Cascades SW 7623

bathroom with white panelling and green wall paint

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

Cascades will definitely bring a dose of character to your bathroom, but due to its natural undertones it feels timeless and enveloping. ‘For homeowners looking to incorporate a fun and bold color, try Cascades SW 7623, a dark, majestic blue that exudes a rich and mysterious personality with its swirl of grey, yellow, and blue undertones,’ suggests Emily.

Don’t be afraid to use it as a small bathroom color, as it will create a very hotel, jewel-box like look and feel. ‘This shade adds a sophisticated mystique to any small bathroom space,’ adds Emily. And if you want to balance it out with a brighter shade, look no further than Extra White, a luminous white that will look great on the ceiling and trims. 

3. Pure White SW 7005

white bathroom with wood vanity, brass taps, and light blue mirror

(Image credit: Lissa Gotwals. Design: Carrie Moore Interior Design.)

For those of us loving a bright and airy space, there’s nothing that can replace a fresh white. The only thing to bear in mind though, is the undertone. Sherwin Williams’ Pure White has just a hint of a warm yellow undertone that keeps it from looking too stark. ‘A solid go-to white paint color is always a preferred option for a bathroom, and Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005 is our favorite,’ interior designer Carrie Moore tells me. ‘White provides maximum light reflectivity allowing you to see better compared to any other color and is also a tranquil shade that makes a great backdrop for other design elements to pop,’ she adds.

For a modern look, pair it with contrasting black. ‘In a recent project here in Durham, NC, we paired walls painted in Sherwin Williams Pure White with a door painted in Sherwin Williams Black of Night. The contrast heightens the crisp feeling we were aiming for, and overall, the space feels airy, clean, and bright, which is ideal for a bathroom,’ the designer tells me.

4. Upward SW 6239

bathroom with white tiles and light blue walls

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

If you didn’t know it yet, pale blue is one of the big color trends for 2024 and it’s the color to bring a fresh new joyful look in your space. For a bathroom with a zen feel there isn’t anything better.

Emily agrees. ‘My personal favorite right now is our 2024 Color of the Year, Upward SW 6239, a light and airy blue with a little bit of gray, some lightness and a touch of periwinkle that makes it ethereal. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to an already white bathroom, especially on cabinets!’ tells me the expert.

Pair it with an inviting, delicate gray like Drift of Mist, or Snowbound, a refreshing white.

5. Crushed Ice SW 7674

white bathroom with blue vanity, black framed mirror and brass taps

(Image credit: Emily O'Brien. Design: Megan Healy Design)

You’ve just found the perfect neutral. Sherwin Williams’ Crushed Ice is light enough to make a space feel bright, but also with enough color in it to create a very sophisticated, modern look. The perfect alternative to white, for a warmer look.

‘It’s a nice neutral that will make whites pop, and will work well in almost any bathroom,’ says interior designer Megan Healy. It has a subtle gray undertone which makes it versatile enough to fit into many color palettes. It pairs well with the brand’s crisp, Extra White, or accented with darker Magnetic Gray, with cyan and green undertones.

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