This is the décor style you need to increase the value of your home

Scandinavian design isn't just a design trend, it turns out it's a savvy investment too...

For the last few years now, Scandinavian design trends and décor have informed our interiors choices and had a huge influence on our home aesthetic. But did you know that Scandi design can actually increase the value of your home by a substantial amount?

Following the gradual reopening of the housing market, analysed 10 of the most popular décor designs and hundreds of house prices on Zoopla to determine which interior design style adds the most value to your home.

It emerged that Scandinavian-styled homes were valued at £340,224 more than the average UK house.

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So, if you’re thinking of redecorating, you may want to consider a Scandi design approach for a savvy design refresh.

Think neural hues, clean lines, a focus on functionality and simplicity, and natural materials, like blond wood, hemp, jute and rattan, to create an organic space.

Scandinavian decor, while minimal, is also known to be cosy, so add wool blankets, stylish rugs in muted colours, linen bedding and luxurious no-fuss candles.

Not a Scandi-chic fan? In second place is farmhouse décor – at an average of £521,398 on Zoopla, it is £289,543 more than the average house price.

Rustic interior décor claims third place with an average of £516,952, which is £285,097 above the country’s average. It appears that a no-fuss aesthetic can showcase not only a natural and subdued atmosphere but also rewarding increase in value.

In third, fourth and fifth place are bohemian, vintage and contemporary, with average house prices of £515,674, £505,828 and £501,147 respectively – that’s a rise of £283,819, £273,973 and £269,292 above the UK’s average.

Minimalist-style homes, meanwhile, are listed at an average value of £452,449, a rise of £220,594.

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See the top 10 interior design styles that could add to your house’s value below:

1. Scandinavian - +£340,224 2. Farmhouse - +£289,543 3. Rustic - +£285,097 4. Bohemian - +£283,819 5. Vintage - +£273,973 6. Contemporary - +£269,292 7. Mid-century modern - +£238,539 8. Minimalist - +£220,594 9. Industrial - +£165,079 10. Traditional-+£115,243

Bankrate also looked at less popular décor styles and found that a home with Gothic interiors can pay off handsomely too, with an added value of £114,141.

Interestingly, the increasing influence of Asia in the West (K-pop and cherry blossom trees) can also translate to interior design, as houses with ‘Japanese’ styles are selling for an average of £329,790, which is £97,935 above the UK’s average.

All photography by Paul Massey except the final staircase image.

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