Insta-worthy artwork transforms Sketch

New David Shrigley artwork at Sketch ensures the iconic Gallery restaurant serves up plenty of Instagram opportunities

The Gallery restaurant at Sketch has been given a fresh coat of satire thanks to the addition of 91 playful and colourful new artworks by celebrated British artist David Shrigley.

Replacing his previous collection of 239 black and white drawings, which had adorned the walls since 2014, the new works reflect Shrigley’s distinctively dry humour with satirical comments on everyday life.

Photography by Ed Reeve

The illustrative, graphic pieces that pepper the collection offer diners a side order of humour. Typographic messages mock the language of newspapers with headlines such as: “Woman Spills Coffee”, “I Lost A Shoe” and “I Went Out For A While And Then I Came Back”.

Photography by Ed Reeve

“With dreary news often filling our headlines, I hope that diners will enjoy my take on the banality of everyday life,” Shrigley explains.

And the art isn’t just on the walls – the exhibition spills on to the tables, too. Tableware has been handmade and decorated with tongue-in-cheek messages.

Photography by Ed Reeve

Aside from cracking a smile, the new collection is also more vibrant and colourful than his previous illustrations, with the pink, red, black and white theme keeping very much in tune with the restaurant’s pink interior.

Designed by India Mahdavi, the much Instagrammed restaurant was created primarily as a backdrop for David Shrigley’s artwork. Sugar-coated in a pastel macaron pink, The Gallery creates a deliberately playful contrast with the witty art works.

Photography by Ed Reeve

With Bidendum-like bulbous chairs, scalloped-velvet banquettes, candyfloss walls, shiny copper details and chevron-patterned, multi-coloured floor tiles, the interior is a small slice of Beverly Hills in Mayfair. Some might even say that it’s a bit like having dinner at Barbie’s – if Barbie had an amazing art collection, that is.

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