Colour Stories: Monochrome Twist

Simple graphics take on an extra dimension when used on a shade – these lines and squares seem to shimmer and move when the light is switched on. Lava lamps are so last century…

No swinging London pad was complete without a select edit of vintage curios. Contemporary collectables take their cue from both the past and the future.

Add some radical chic to the mix with a mirror emblazoned with an iconic print. To keep things further off the straight and narrow, a little psychedelic swirl on the floor wouldn’t go amiss.

Make a stand against the man and throw out the uniform look – shake up an all-white settingwith a shot of black…

The early-Sixties youth cult was obsessed with quality tailoring. No surprise, then, that this sleek seating is described as ‘Scandi-mod’. Boost the tactile mood with lashings of faux fur and luxe wool underfoot.

Be inspired by the space age fashions of André Courrèges and hang your wardrobe out on display. That curvaceous teardrop mirror could be straight out of sci-fi fantasy Barbarella

Bridget Riley’s op-art prints blazed a trail for shifting, illusionary shapes. This handsome bed is just the spot to take in sculptural statement furniture, Warhol-like motifs and Fornasetti classics. The eyes have it…

Photography: Simon Bevan

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