This sleek, spherical bowl can seemingly defy the laws of gravity by standing on its side.

Planet-motif dinnerware will make meal times an out-of-this-world experience.

This curvaceous table has a retro Fifties feel. Meanwhile, the lighting overhead prepares to land...

Forget the lava lamps of old – this sleek design displays a spectrum of colours to suit your mood.

With its sweeping curved back, the plush velvet sofa echoes the lines of the mountains on the moon.

The burnished bronze ‘craters’ of this coffee table offer a luxe take on the lunar surface.

Shaped like one of the planet’s majestic rings, this spectacular console has an unearthly quality.

A beautifully moulded chair is ideal for laying back and indulging in some serious stargazing.

A voyage through space and time comes every night to those who sleep in this luxurious suite.


Photography / Simon Bevan

Styling / Hannah Franklin

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