Stylish ideas for Bedroom Windows

The right window treatment will let you slumber in style...

Dressing bedroom windows can be tricky to get right. Too pale and floaty and the light floods in at day break, when you might still want to sleep. Too dark and heavy and you block out the natural light when you want it pouring in.

Thankfully, there’s myriad choice when it comes to window treatments that offer style and substance.

Plantation shutters are a fashionable solution, as there are numerous options to suit different requirements. Full height or tier on tier are the most appropriate for a bedroom, due to their light-blocking qualities. Not to mention the fabulous colours and colour combos now available.

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Solid shutters are another great option for bedrooms, particularly in period properties, as they will block out noise as well as light, and in many cases would have been an original architectural feature. However, you lose the privacy that the louvres provide with plantation shutters, when they are open during the day.

Shutters are also a more permanent and costly option than curtains or blinds.

A smart and simple answer is a black out roller blind, like the example ahead, surprisingly more stylish than you might imagine.

Some of the best window treatments we’ve seen are combinations of the above.

Plantation shutters, teamed with pale linen curtains offer a soft, serene feel that you may want to create in the bedroom, while still providing the practical benefits.

A sheer white roller blind can be teamed with either curtains or solid shutters, as it will filter sunlight and keep the room bright during the day, whilst ensuring any prying eyes don’t see in.

Alternatively, fit a double curtain pole and layer a sheer curtain beneath a heavier drape to provide a similar solution.

Check out the examples ahead and decide which most appeals.

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