Vitra Eames House Bird: where to buy, how to style and all you need to know

The Vitra Eames House Bird is a fun and witty design classic – and not, as you may think, conceived by Ray and Charles Eames. Here is its story

vitra eames house bird
(Image credit: Future)

The Vitra Eames House bird is witty piece of associated with the minds of mid-century modern furniture masters Charles and Ray Eames. 

But it's not actually designed by them, despite it now being named after them. The version we see today in an array of Livingetc homes around the world, and used often in modern interior design is actually a replica, put into production by Vitra, and renamed the Eames House Bird, as it was Charles and Ray who first gave it design credibility after they found it on their travels. This was before they had designed their iconic Eames Lounge Chair.

Sometimes referred to as American folk art, the original avian was a crow decoy used for hunting. But for the Eameses, it had a beautiful simple line, so they gave it pride of place in their living room and often used it in promo work – it even made the cover of the Architectural Review magazine in 1952.

When was the Eames House Bird designed?

  • The Eames House bird was originally designed in 1910, by Charles and Edna Perdew. The version popular today was reissued by Vitra in 2007

How to style the Eames House bird

  • The best way to style the Vitra Eames House bird is to sit it with other mid-century modern furniture. 
  • It is one of those living room ideas that doesn't take itself too seriously, so can work alongside a mis-match of quirky ornaments and accessories. 
  • Pair with monochrome furniture to make its strong, graphic shape stand out.
  • Place it on a mantlepiece or bookshelf, or on a coffee table next to a statement armchair.

vitra eames house bird

(Image credit: Future)

Where to buy an Eames House bird

  • Buy the Vitra Eames House bird from The Conran Shop for £159 here
  • Buy the Vitra Eames House bird from Nest for £165 here
  • Buy the Vitra Eames House bird from John Lewis for £165 here

Buy the Vitra Eames House Bird here | 15% off at £140 from Heal's

This version for Vitra by Charles and Ray Eames will bring personality and cheer to any space.

Pictures of the Vitra Eames House Bird in Black

vitra eames house bird

(Image credit: Conran Shop)

Pictures of the Vitra Eames House Bird in walnut

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