This Viral Guestbed from Amazon Could be the Small Space Solution you Need This Festive Season

Give your guests the gift of a good night's sleep, even without a dedicated guestroom

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The holidays are all about spending quality time with friends and family, and while you've probably stocked up the fridge and drinks trolley, have you thought about where everyone will be sleeping? Even if you don't have a spare guestroom you can still offer people a place to stay but, instead of dusting off the old air mattress, why not consider something slightly more luxurious this Christmas time. 

Unfortunately, we aren't all lucky enough to have multiple guest bedrooms on standby to house everyone over the festive period, however, that doesn't mean there's no room at the inn. A temporary guest bed is the smart temporary solution that's perfect for small spaces, and will provide a far more comfortable sleep for your family and friends than that blow up bed. 

An air mattress does the job but it isn't a patch on a proper bed. Although having a designated guest bedroom may mean giving up a stylish home office, or kids' play room - or worse - a closet, it simply isn't practical for everyone to have multiple spare rooms for a few nights a year. That's why we're always on the lookout for innovative ways to transform normal rooms into a space for guests to sleep this time of year, and we think we've found the simplest option to buy in time for the big day. 

We recently came across this genius hack on TikTok shared by Megan, an interior lifestyle blogger. It shows how a temporary queen-sized bed can be erected in a couple of minutes creating space for two guests to sleep, and everything you need is available from Amazon. Word is, the fully portable structure is as comfortable as a bed.

This folding metal bed frame is relatively affordable and can be easily stored away for most of the year. Simply fold open and flip out the legs, place a foam mattress on top and you have a fully functioning bed. The frame also comes in two parts, so can be split into single beds if needed. This is ideal if you have smaller rooms that were previously not an option for guests to sleep in. If you were so inclined you could even store the bed away during the day to make extra space, as it is so easy to put up. This will make your guest far more comfortable and ensure a good night's rest.

If you were wondering how to make more space for your guests this festive season look no further. This trick will revolutionize the way you host guests, we guarantee they'll be grateful.


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Everything you need to create a temporary guest bed

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