This Viral Amazon Bedding Storage is the Best Way to Keep your Linen Closet Perfectly Organized

Use these self-contained bed sheet organizers to keep your bedding together and neatly compact

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Is there any chore more universally dreaded than that of folding your bedding? Neatly storing your duvet covers, pillowcases, and fitted sheets can be a nightmare (especially the latter). No matter how diligently you try to arrange them, a linen closet bursting at the seams with cascading cotton is inevitable.

Organizing your bed linen is the sort of task even professionals struggle with, but you can finally put an end to your struggles thanks to a designated storage solution that helps neatly fold and contain your entire bedding set. The LINENMATE foldable sheet organizer has gone viral on TikTok, and it's an absolute Amazon must-have if you struggle to keep on top of your laundry cupboard.

Here, I take a closer look at this genius little contraption and, with the help of some professional organizers, I explain why I think it should go straight on your Amazon wishlist if you want a more organized home.

You might already know how to fold a fitted sheet, but keeping them neatly organized once they're stored in your closet is a different story altogether. If that sounds familiar, this organizer might be for you, but how does it work, and is it worth your money?

Essentially, this storage bin unfolds to lie flat in a cross shape. From there, you need to fold your bedding - sheets, duvet cover and all - to fit within the confines of the longer length of the organizer so that they can then be neatly folded within the storage bin itself. The way you decide to fold your sheets isn't all too important, but you will need to opt for a longer oblong shape which will take several (neat) folds.

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Next, you fold the material upwards starting from the bottom edge, turning it over twice to meet in the middle section. The top panel then folds over it, followed by the two edge compartments which meet in the middle to form a zipper. This will leave you with a box-shaped container with one edge displaying a small cut-out window and a label for you to add a name or room that corresponds with the sheets inside.

These free-standing, self-contained storage bins can then be lined up neatly within your linen closet or on your laundry room cabinet for an organized and clutter-free space. No more searching beneath stacks of bedding for stray pillowcases or making failed attempts to pair your duvet cover with the correct sheet - these handy little cases keep everything together to make your life easier.


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So, what do the experts have to say? 'If you have an overflowing amount of linens in your utility room, it will always be hard to keep your space organized, but installing the correct organizers for your lifestyle and space can bring peace to your room,' says Di Ter Avest, professional organizer at Di Is Organized. 'More products don't always mean more organization, however, these "magic linen boxes" would be a good investment since they are visually appealing and make things easy on the eyes, eliminating visual clutter.'

If you already struggle to fold your sheets, however, this device could make matters worse. 'I really like the concept but feel it’s only realistic for those who already have very tidy closets and know how to fold a fitted sheet like a hotel housekeeper,' warns home organizer Kayleen Kelly. 'Those edges have to be really straight to fold well into the package, but if you already have a handle on your closet and want to take it a step further with an extra *aesthetic* flare — this product is great for you.'

Alternative bed storage options

If you struggle to keep sheet sets together, for an alternative folding method Kayleen recommends creating sheet “packets”. 'You use one pillowcase of the sheet set to hold the entire set,' she explains. 'It creates a little packet that you’re able to stack, plus, the sheets don’t have to be perfectly folded in order to stack (great for those of us who still “roll” our fitted sheets!).'

Although folding your bed sets with the LINENMATE organizer is pretty quick once you get the hang of it, it does take more time and effort than you might be willing to give. That said, with the time saved searching for sheets and rearranging your precarious tower of bedlinen, we'd say it's definitely worth it. As someone who's forever losing pillowcases and getting lost in my linen cupboard as a result, I can safely say it's going straight on my wishlist.

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