Porada Sets The Trend For The Most Elevated Materials Mix — Marble, Wood, Leather, And Murano Glass

Marble, wood, leather and colored glass are back and look more stylish and modern than ever combined in Porada’s latest collection at Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week Porada Twilli Chaise
(Image credit: Porada)

Timeless elegance framed by modern lines and sophisticated comfort. Porada’s new collection presented at Milan Design Week is all those things and more. Natural wood is accompanied by marble and leather, in classic rounded or squared shapes that achieve a completely new look through exquisite use of attention to detail.

Look closer at each individual piece and you will notice warm materials mixed with browns, greys, and tans and, just in the right amount, pops of colored glass that uplift. The seating presents curves and comfortable materials that look perfect for lounging and relaxing. The combination of wood, marble, and leather with their smooth surfaces and warm tones create the most sophisticated and calming of interiors.

A designer favorite, Porada is an example in the best of what Italian design has to offer, and as we showcase in our Italian Issue for Spring 24, we’re talking about a perfect balance of forward-thinking designs brought to life in pieces that have the appeal of timeless classics. These are our top pics we’d choose to furnish our homes from Porada’s latest collection.

1. The Amphora M dining table

Milan Design Week Porada Amphora dining table in wood base and marble top

(Image credit: Porada)

There’s nothing not to love about this dining table on showcase at Milan Design Week. The top is a beautiful marble in a blend of greys and white, while the legs and perimeter are in solid canaletta walnut. Take a closer look and notice how the legs have a slight indent at the top, while the edges of the tabletop break from the marble with a discreet piece of wood detail.

You can get this table all in wood, and in an extendable version too. It’s a design that makes a quiet statement, which makes it a great investment piece that will look at home in both a traditional or modern dining room.

2. The Twilli Chaise Longue

Milan Design Week Porada Twilli Chaise

(Image credit: Porada)

If this doesn’t make you want to sit down and relax with a newspaper and a coffee, I don’t know what will. The Twilli Chaise Longue has a sinuous form with an organic looking canaletta walnut frame, almost like a tree branch unfolding under the seat and holding it.

The shape of the seat follows the curves of the body as it were naturally and comfortably lounging, and the light grey color and slight texture add a further interesting detail making this a truly beautiful piece of design. It would look great by a window in a living room, or even better, a home office, for those moments of respite from work.

3. The Bayus Tondo 7 chest of drawers

Milan Design Week Porada Bayus Tondo 7 drawer rounded chest in wood with light grey marble top

(Image credit: Porada)

The combination of a wood body, light grey marble top, and rounded shape really elevate this tall and narrow chest or tallboy made up of seven drawers. Small details like the leather handles and brass legs, as well as the scratch resistant interiors make this a precious looking but durable piece.

The straight black legs that go all the way up to the top and frame the drawers balances the soft rounded shape of the unit and give it a modern look. Equally beautiful in a bedroom or hallway, you can get the Bayus Tondo version with three drawers too, with a light grey or black marble top, perfectly suitable as a stylish bedside table.

4. The Ginkgo armchair

Milan Design Week Porada Ginkgo accent chair in wood legs, leather shell and grey seat

(Image credit: Porada)

When I mentioned attention to detail this armchair is the piece from the collection that first came to mind. There are so many details here, yet the design feels so cohesive and elegant. The frame in black wood supports a smooth, brown leather shell on top of which a light grey fabric (here there are multiple options for you to choose from) with leather piping creates a comfortable seat.

Milan Design Week Porada back detail of Ginkgo accent chair in wood, leather and grey seat

(Image credit: Porada)

The back of this chair presents interesting detail too, with two seams running along in a V shape, below a low cut in the shell’s back, revealing a vertical strip of the seat’s fabric. This is an absolute jewel of an accent chair for your living room or bedroom. Just make sure you don’t cover it up with any other accessories. This design is perfectly enough just as it is.

5. The Jigger coffee table

Milan Design Week Porada Jigger coffee tables with wood round top and glass base in red or green

(Image credit: Porada)

And here is where the pop of color comes in. I just love how perfectly it integrates within the scheme of the collection, giving it that pick me up that is not overpowering in the least, but simply adds that touch of contrast and joy and makes it even more interesting.

The coffee table comes in various colored blown glass bases (red, green, gray) produced in the traditional Murano technique, while the top is in solid canaletta walnut or ash, with a slight perimeter moulding giving it a practical tray-like feel and use. The glass is manufactured by hand, which means it might have small color discrepancies or and / or bubbles, and I think it makes this product even more special.

6. The Calin XL swivel armchair

Milan Design Week Porada Calin XL armchair in grey, round shape with wood back rest detail

(Image credit: Porada)

Now this isn’t just any armchair. It’s as cozy as a giant pillow, looks incredibly chic for such a comfortable piece, and, as if that wasn’t enough, it swivels. I could just stop writing here because I don’t think I need to say more to convince you that this is a great piece for your home, but I must also acknowledge the beautiful wooden support at the back. 

It envelops the seat, almost as if holding and supporting you while you curl up and seriously consider making this piece of furniture your permanent address. The backrest and cushions can be chosen in different colors too, if you want to make it bespoke to your personal taste.

7. The Oswood Tondo round dining table

Milan Design Week Porada Oswood Tondo round dining table with marble top and wood legs

(Image credit: Porada)

If you’re more into round dining tables than rectangular, you’ll find that too in Porada’s latest collection. The marble top is supported by four solid walnut legs that are centred towards the middle to give you a good amount of room underneath. The unique detail also comes as an element of surprise in this design. The top surface of the table’s legs pierce the tabletop and add interest and an element of fun that will make you smile.

Discover more of Porada’s pieces.

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