Straight From Nyc Design Week: It’s Official — New Age Decor is in

The sage is lit, and crystals are everywhere. NYC Design Week’s latest trend invites us to find our zen

New Age decor trend
(Image credit: Nickolas Sargent // Swati Goorha Designs)

My go-to icebreaker question is: what’s your zodiac sign? It triggers eye rolls from some, but generally, works like a charm — people love to talk about this stuff. New Age practices are all the rage. Growing up in LA, a place that’s always had a bit of a woo-woo vibe, I’m already acquainted. But since moving to the city, I’ve noticed an uptick here too. It seems like everyone is sipping adaptogenic mushroom teas, meditating, dabbling in tarot, and, of course, charging a growing crystal collection. With New Age practices becoming so prevalent in the zeitgeist, it was only a matter of time before they started trickling into our home decor.

This trend was everywhere at NYC Design Week: dripping pendant lights with stalactite-like extensions, celestial ceilings, bundles of sage paired with the chicest lighters I’ve ever seen — even angular floor-standing ashtrays with joints rolled and ready to go.

Many cultural trends don’t make it into our homes (most of us aren’t opting for Taylor Swift-themed guest bathrooms), but spirituality, New Age practices, and anything woo-woo fits neatly into the concept of a home as a sanctuary — which is far from new. With decor and motifs focused on finding your zen and achieving enlightenment, it seems that a bundle of sage might just be the new room spray.

new age trend

(Image credit: Julia Demer // Swati Goorha Designs)

One of my favorite applications of this trend was by Swati Goorha Designs. I think I walked that spiral staircase connecting the five floors of the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in a state of admiration up and down about eight times — impromptu leg day, but totally worth it. The gently twinkling wallpaper, accented with artfully placed LED lighting, created a galactic, starlit effect that transitioned from dark to light as you climbed the stairs. And let’s not forget the utterly elevating, color-filled carpet.

Swati Goorha, founder and CEO of her eponymous design firm, described the Metamorphosis: A Journey of Transformation project on Instagram: ‘The stairs, the spine that holds the house together and connects all floors, are an essential and integral part of the daily transition.’ From earthly to ethereal, Metamorphosis serves as a symbol of transformation, and climbing it, part of the journey.

new age trend

(Image credit: Julia Demer // Patrick Mele)

Not everything I saw was so esoteric, grounded in narratives, or riddled with metaphors. Some of the New Age-inspired ideas were refreshingly simple. For instance, selenite logs instead of wooden ones — a beautifully healing decor touch featured by both Patrick Mele and The Jayson Home Loft pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman. Smaller crystals scattered around or quartz mounted on stands also added a similar touch of serenity. Another subtle yet striking piece was a spongy, earthy fireplace mantle frame by McMillen Inc., mimicking the natural world with gold and silver blocks of various sizes, as if they were healing gems yet to be discovered.

New Age decor trend

(Image credit: Julia Demer // Workshop APD)

While filling your fireplace with thousands of dollars worth of crystals might be out of reach for most, rest assured there were more accessible, often cheekier takes on spirituality as well. One standout was a petite gilded gold accent chair with celestial motifs merging the sun and moon — a simple yet impactful addition to any living room.

The most accessible, and by far the most ubiquitous, of these New Age decor ideas were those related to unwinding and cleansing practices. Sage was everywhere, from side tables and desks to bathrooms, often paired with a source of flame, whether it be a vintage-inspired lighter or matches by the basketful. My personal favorite was an incense holder curated by Vanessa Deleon Associates — a stunning sculptural piece shaped like a pair of lips.

new age trend

(Image credit: Julia Demer // Vanessa Deleon Associates)

Overall, I found the trend quite inspiring this week. We might not all be narrating our staircases with celestial drama, but incorporating bits and pieces of this — placing a bundle of sage in the bedroom, a crystal on a side table — can make a house feel uplifted, elevated, and lived-in. That’s the point of all this, right? To make a house feel like a home.

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