This is how Nate Berkus transforms empty wall space without breaking the bank – it’s a fun DIY too

The interior designer gives his tips on how to get super creative with empty walls, and you won’t believe how easy they are to do

a home officed designed by nate berkus
(Image credit: Nate Berkus)

When moving into a new house, especially if it’s a new build, it might feel that it’s lacking in character. Bare white walls can be a bit uninspiring for many of us, so you might not be surprised it's the one thing interior designers get questioned on regularly. ‘One question I get all the time especially when people are starting out and furnishing a first apartment or a first home is how do you fill your walls?’ interior designer Nate Berkus stated in a video on his Instagram page. 

The first thought of course is to hang some art. But then the questions arise. What art? What size? Where should you buy it from? How should you display it? And if you don’t have a big budget to work with it’s understandable that you might just abandon the thought altogether and leave the walls as they are. 

But fear not! An expert in sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces that demand attention in your home, the designer has got the perfect solution for bedroom, hallway or living room wall decor. Nate shows that there are ways in which you can incorporate art that is meaningful and authentic to you without having to worry too much about cost. Everyone wants their space to be unique and in his video he also talks about ways you can ensure your art is original to you, even without forking out on expensive pieces. 

Nate Berkus tells us how to fill empty walls on a budget

If you’ve been looking at your walls and scratching your head wondering how to fill the mass of space, you’ve just found the answer. 

Nate Berkus suggests using pictures you already have in your phone. It can be pictures you took of family, friends, nature, on trips, anything inspiring to you. But here’s the twist: don’t just print them as they are. Crop them in an interesting and unexpected way before you blow them up to print and frame. ‘The steps of a building, or just an angle of the beach where you had a great vacation. Even just one large scale piece can have a huge impact over a sofa or over a bed,’ says the designer. This is a more creative way of working with a picture and you’re guaranteed you won’t find it elsewhere. 

If you want your home to feel more layered, you might like a collage of pictures to create a photo wall. ‘Best thing you can do is find some vintage frames’, explains Nate. Whether you buy them online or in vintage shops the idea is that they are different to each other to create an eclectic feel. ’You can print out your own art that you find online, and you can do a whole series of landscapes, portraits, or abstracts,’ the designer advises. This will make your home feel lived in and complete.

Nate Berkus’ method is a great way to put a personal stamp on your interior. Hanging art in your home allows you to get creative and engage with your space. The best thing about it? You can keep playing with your images, frames, and layouts, and you definitely won’t see the same art reproduced elsewhere.

Raluca Racasan
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