Nate Berkus reveals his fail-proof neutrals - the perfect pale colors that make rooms instantly warmer

If you’ve been searching far and wide for the best neutrals for your interior, look no further - Nate Berkus reveals his absolute favorites, and you should try them too

nate berkus in a neutral scheme bedroom
(Image credit: Nate Berkus)

Finding the perfect paint for calming yet modern neutral schemes poses difficulties. You’ll mostly be looking for off-whites that are not too grey, or too yellow, not too stark either, and so you might find yourself trying out dozens of tester pots until you find that perfect match (if you haven’t given up by then). 

Luckily, the good Nate Berkus has put all of our sufferings to an end and is saving us the time and trouble dedicated to the search for neutral color schemes. In a ‘once and for all’ post on his Instagram page he reveals his go-to paint colors he goes back to time and time again to create that neutral scheme, and even mentions one accent color to keep it interesting.

nate berkus in front of a desk with interior design materials
Nate Berkus

TV presenter, author and superstar interior designer Nate Berkus is known for his relaxed yet glamorous take on design. He has appeared on the Oprah show many times, written two books and runs his own design firm Nate Berkus Associates.

Nate Berkus’ go-to neutral paint colors 

A living room with a vaulted ceiling and neutral color palette

(Image credit: Christopher Dibble)

These are the perfect colors if you’re looking to create that clean, minimaluxe vibe that is calming, warm and inviting. Any of these work beautifully next to natural materials like wood and stone. Nate Berkus shares his favorites. 

The accent color to go with your neutrals   

For those of you who want to mix it up a bit and add a touch of color, the designer has got you covered. Nothing too vibrant so as not to interfere with the calming look and feel, but with enough character to add interest to your room.  

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