The $30 hack - and other expert secrets - to recreate that luxe hotel bedroom vibe at home

Designer Jacu Strauss of Lore Group has created some of the most inviting hotel bedrooms in the world - here are his tips to achieve that luxurious feel at home

One Hundred Shoreditch bedroom
(Image credit: Lore Group. Design: Jacu Strauss)

You’ll know the feeling I’m talking about. Being in a beautiful hotel bedroom that is thoughtfully designed, incredibly comfortable, and engaging all your senses. From the moment you step in, there is a feeling of relaxation that is impossible to avoid. The beautiful accessories, the comfort of the bedding, and the warm lights, all work towards one goal: to create an escape from everyday reality and get you into a more calm and peaceful state of mind. 

The Lore Group hotels such as Riggs in Washington, D.C., Sea Containers in London, and Pulitzer in Amsterdam have the art of perfectly inviting, modern bedrooms nailed down to the finest detail. I spoke to Jacu Strauss, Creative Director of Lore Group, to find out what exactly makes the Lore hotels' bedrooms so wonderfully inviting, and learn how we can recreate the feel at home.

What’s the secret to designing a perfect bedroom?  

one hundred shoreditch hotel

(Image credit: Lore Goup. Design: Jacu Strauss)

What creates the most lasting impression in any luxury hotel is the level of attention to detail. Everything is thought of, from the smallest item of stationery through to the large pieces of furniture, it all works together to create a cohesive, delightful design.

‘The bedroom is the key part of a guest's journey through a hotel and arriving to your room should always be the ‘next level’ of delight. The key is finding the correct balance between whimsical moments and ensuring the fundamentals of hospitality are correct. Design is a huge part of what makes an experience unique in a hotel, and although it should tie in with the property’s narrative, the bedroom design should provide something even more elevated,’ Jacu tells me.

Going hand in hand with the design, the key to creating a great hotel bedroom is always comfort. 

‘That comes through great bedding, exceptional cleanliness, and careful consideration of all the touch points that make a hotel room feel luxurious and practical. This extends to beautiful collateral and stationery, bathroom amenities, and even the quality of the 'do not disturb' sign.’

How to recreate that luxurious hotel feel at home 

one hundred shoreditch hotel

(Image credit: Lore Group. Design: Jacu Strauss)

In order to create a space that is comfortable for you it needs to reflect your likes and your personality. A good design will work for you, and it’s important in a bedroom especially to feel at ease and safe. Engaging the senses in a subtle way enables relaxation. 

‘You should decorate your room to reflect your personality and with items you find meaningful, as they are the last thing you see when you go to sleep and the first things you see on waking, so it has to be special and meaningful to you. I always recommend investing in good bedding. It makes such a difference to sleep in high-quality linens, and better sleep means increased wellness. I find delicate smells, such as a natural lavender pillow spray, are lovely, little affordable luxuries,’ explains Jacu.

One of the things I love most about a hotel bedroom is the perfectly made bed. This is one important detail that doesn’t escape Lore Group’s Creative Director. ‘You should always go to bed in a bed that is properly made. To me, this is a particularly special treat when staying at a hotel and something you can easily recreate at home. To quote Admiral William H. McCraven: “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another.”’ At home, express your personality and get creative with different ideas on how to style a bed

The best materials, colors, and lights to use for a welcoming bedroom

sea containers hotel

(Image credit: Lore Group. Design: Jacu Strauss.)

A great design is the result of an intricate mix of elements. Colors, materials, and lights all live in harmony to create a room that will then generate a certain feel. It’s important to follow your instincts and go with what works for you. 

Jacu tells me lighting is particularly important. ‘Pay attention to the lighting and treat it as part of your nightly ritual. Cold and white lighting should be avoided, instead, opt for warm and lowly dimmed lighting. I think table and floor lamps create a much calmer atmosphere.’

When it comes to furniture, I learn from Jacu that it needs space to breathe and that the bed should be the hero piece. ‘ The bed should be positioned to reflect this, not pushed to a corner of the room.’

‘As for materials other than good bedding, there are no rules and the world is your oyster with regard to colors and materials. There is no need to be shy or play it too safe when decorating your bedroom, this is a very personal space and it needs to reflect your personality the most.’

One last, but very important piece of advice is to declutter the room. If you're wondering how to start decluttering think of investing in clever storage. Jacu tells me ‘a messy bedroom is not good for the soul’. It’s hard to disagree. 

 What makes a bedroom at Lore Hotels unique?  

sea containers hotel

(Image credit: Lore Group. Design: Jacu Strauss)

Jacu tells me the reason the Lore Hotels' bedrooms are so special is that there is an understanding of where design and comfort come together in harmony.

‘Our rooms have some delightful design moments that help to tell the unique stories of each hotel. They come with a hint of design bravery that allows a guest to experience something they may not (yet) be confident to do at home, but this is what makes staying at our hotels fun. We also place an educated focus on comfort and practical needs for a memorable stay. Our rooms are designed and staged in a way for you to make it your own and that makes our guests feel that their room was designed just for them.’

Doesn’t that sound just dreamy? I’ll let you go book your stay or start planning the redesign of your bedroom. 

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