A fresh way to decorate - see the brand new Livingetc paint palette we've created for Lick

Livingetc and Lick have launched an amazing paint palette to make introducing colour to your space simple

Lick x Livingetc paint palette
Blue 10; Blue 09; White 03; Purple 03; Pink 05; Yellow 03; Blue 08 (under stair treads), all Livingetc x Lick
(Image credit: Lick)

We're so proud to announce today. the launch of the Livingetc x Lick Paint Palette 01.

For months, we've been developing these colours, the shades we think are perfect for right now.

For this is the summer of Neo Deco decor, our 2021 take on the pure drama, energy and optimism of all things art deco. With eco paint, you can think rounded and smooth corners, the clean-cut lines, the geometric patterns, the glass, the velvet… but with an edginess that’s here to stay. 

And it all begins with seven new paint colours we’ve created for Lick, our Palette 01. They’re the shades we’re craving most at the moment – hues that exude excitement and joy. 

Licx x Livingetc paint colours

Palette 01. From top: Pink 05; Purple 03; Blue 10; Blue 08; Yellow 03; White 03; Blue 09, all Livingetc x Lick

(Image credit: Lick)

Ranging from the uplifting sky tones of Blue 10 and the subtle tint of red within the pastel softness of Pink 05 to the golden warmth of Yellow 03 and the dark richness of Purple 03, they’ll work together perfectly. Our palette box is meant to be played with, safe in the knowledge that whatever combination you choose will bring a burst of sunshine into your space.

Lick x Livingetc pink walls

From top: White 03; Yellow 03; Pink 05, all Livingetc x Lick

(Image credit: Lick)

How about a cool wall painted in White 03, enlivened with vibrant Blue 08 skirting and a ceiling in the soft eau de nil of Blue 09? Or, as above, make like one of the candy pink South Beach buildings we’re currently drawn to and go all-out in Pink 05, but bring it up to date by adding a datum line of Yellow 03. Whichever way you spin them, they’ll work harmoniously together – fresh, invigorating and exactly right for now.

We love how easy Lick makes it to decorate, offering an edited range of paints, wallpapers and blinds with quick delivery of peel-and-stick samples. Your new decor scheme is here. 

To order the Livingetc x Lick Palette 01 as a box of peel-and-stick samples, head to lickhome.com/livingetc

Pip Rich

The editor of Livingetc, Pip Rich (formerly Pip McCormac) is a lifestyle journalist of almost 20 years experience working for some of the UK's biggest titles. As well as holding staff positions at Sunday Times Style, Red and Grazia he has written for the Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times and ES Magazine. The host of Livingetc's podcast Home Truths, Pip has also published three books - his most recent, A New Leaf, was released in December 2021 and is about the homes of architects who have filled their spaces with houseplants.  He has recently moved out of London - and a home that ELLE Decoration called one of the ten best small spaces in the world - to start a new renovation project in Somerset.