This Kelly Wearstler-designed cocktail bar is a masterclass in the most modern way to decorate with wallpaper

The designer’s cocktail lounge design is a lesson in using wallpaper pattern-drenching in the most impactful way

Austin Proper Hotel The Quill Room by Kelly Wearstler
(Image credit: The Ingalls. Design: Kelly Wearstler)

The newly launched cocktail lounge and salon The Quill Room, part of Austin’s Proper Hotel is nothing short of what you’d expect from the acclaimed designer Kelly Wearstler. Incredibly inviting interiors that engage the senses through their tactility and exemplary use of warm, earthy colors mixed with natural elements like wood and stone, subtle metallic accents, and soft mood lighting. The look is always rich but never overwhelming. 

'Blending Southern charm with modern elegance, the Quill Room is infused with an assortment of leathers and woods from local markets while a mélange of artisanal and vintage furnishings and artworks pay homage to design sensibilities spanning several decades, particularly from the 1960s to the 1990s,' the designer said, speaking exclusively to Livingetc. 

For us, one of the stars of the space is the inspired use of wallpaper, not only adorning the walls, but also the ceiling of the room. The technique of using wallpaper on both walls and ceiling is an interior design trend we've come to call pattern-drenching and it creates a wonderfully cocooning feel while keeping the sense of space. 

 Why does pattern-drenching work so well? 

The Quill Room by Kelly Wearstler at Austin Proper Hotel

(Image credit: The Ingalls. Design: Kelly Wearstler)

We’re seeing this maximalist take on wallpaper being used more and more and we think it’s because of its characterful, luxurious effect. Long past are the days of the one accent wall - designers are getting creative and are not afraid to play with patterns, and even use more than one pattern in the same space. 

Kelly doesn’t hold back from impactful elements in her designs, and what makes her use of wallpaper work so well in The Quill Room is the choice of colors from a very natural palette with an autumnal feel. The scale of the print is big enough to notice without being overpowering. It creates a beautifully intricate background for the unique pieces of furniture in the room.  

a cocktail lounge in a hotel with patterned walls

(Image credit: The Ingalls. Design: Kelly Wearstler)

‘The intricately designed wallcovering weaves Southern appeal into the lounge with a captivating floral motif pulled from a vintage archive found in Austin, updated with warm golden hues that provide real depth and sense of place,’ Kelly Wearstler tells us.

With heavyweight designers utilizing the potential of wallpaper to create highly impactful, wow interiors, we’re looking forward to see how this look will impact the way we decorate our own homes.

Raluca Racasan
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