Five interior lessons to steal from the pastel-hued Menorca Experimental hotel

With a rosé-infused color scheme and a cowboy hat wall – we're ready to indulge in the glory of Menorcan design

Menorca Experimental interior tips, arch in the hotel
(Image credit: Karel Balas)

As the prospect of escaping to faraway shores draws tantalizingly closer, our thoughts are inevitably turning to tropical aesthetics – and how we can celebrate the sun-glazed season in unparalleled style. 

Enter the Experimental Group's newly opened hotel the Menorca Experimental, located on the rocky municipality of Alaior on the south coast of the island. The hotel originally launched before the pandemic, however, a year later, the hotel has officially reopened.

The hotel inspired by an artist's cottage epitomizes everything we could ever want from an escapist retreat, with rustic undertones and quirky accessories (cowboy hat wall, anyone?) which are surrounded by a contemporary ambiance.

Until we can all make it to Menorca, we've rounded up five key home decor tips to steal from our new favorite island sanctuary – so you can mirror its charm – wherever you are. 

1. Drench your doors in color 

Interior tips from the stylish Menorca Experimental hotel, red painted door

(Image credit: Karel Balas)

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Nothing says summer like color – and nothing says summer interiors like a colored door. Yes, it's time to banish the bland and dress your door for the most vibrant months of the year – and create a new focal point in the process. 

Follow the Menorca Experimental's lead and get playful with your paintbrush and choose a hue that will create a contrast alongside the room's color scheme – and instantly set the tone for the vibrant house party season ahead.  

2. Celebrate the circle 

Menorca Experimental interior tips, arch in the hotel

(Image credit: Karel Balas)

We'd certainly be very happy staying in the Menorca Experimental, but that is unsurprising, considering its use of the most satisfying shape of them all: the circle. With its sweeping arches throughout the bedroom, bathroom, and living space, we're indulging in the shape that is known to positively improve our emotions and boost our wellbeing.

Menorca Experimental interior tips, arch in the hotel

(Image credit: Karel Balas)

If we take just one lesson from this cottage – it's that circles not only help us feel good, but they look eternally stylish, too.

3. Get creative with fashionable accessories  

Menorca Experimental interior tips, straw cowboy hat wall

(Image credit: Karel Balas)

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature from the Menorca Experimental is the straw cowboy hat wall, which is significantly chicer than it initially sounds. This daring statement encapsulates Menorca's relaxed yet fashionably unique spirit; this hat wall reminds guests of their island location in the most inventive way possible. 

Plus, we know straw cowboy hats aren't for everyone and won't work in every home, so if you're feeling inspired, we recommend using other stylish pieces as decor, including scarfs, shoes, and handbags. 

4. Bring wicker into the bathroom  

Menorca Experimental interior tips, wicker furniture in the bathroom

(Image credit: Karel Balas)

For a Balearic boho kingdom, we expect nothing less than wicker furniture in the bathroom – but this trend doesn't need to stay on the island. Demands for wicker and rattan pieces have grown over recent summers, but instead of using them as outdoor furniture, we're drawing inspiration from the Menorca Experimental and bringing wicker into our interiors – or more specifically – or bathroom. 

But why the bathroom? This durable material can endure the bumps of a bathroom whilst maintaining its shape, and its golden brown tones allow us to pay homage to the season in a simple yet stylish way. 

5. Reflect your home's heritage through its decor 

Menorca Experimental interior tips, heritage pieces

(Image credit: Karel Balas)

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The Menorca Experimental stems from a 19th-century Finca, an agricultural estate on the Mediterranean shore – and there is no question of the hotel's culture throughout its curated interiors. Filled with handpainted cutlery, handmade vases, and an array of beautiful baskets, the estate's history – and its location – are at the forefront of the decor scheme. 

Celebrate your home's rich roots and its place in the world by sourcing pieces locally and choosing furnishings, art, and accessories that mirror the values of the area in which you've set up a home. We're beginning with the vibrantly painted plates and going from there. 

Double rooms at the Menorca Experimental start at €230 (£199/ $280) in low season (minimum two-night stay), and from €390 (£336/ $473) in high (minimum three-night stay). The price includes breakfast. 

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