Florist reveals the most common mistake when choosing a vase and how to avoid it

This advice will dramatically improve future floral arrangements in your home

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With long WFH days fueling our desire to add pockets of nature to our homes, and winter very slowly melting into spring, we are all turning to the one home decor trend that never goes out of style - flowers. 

While flowers are, understandably, a fundamental part of any floral arrangement, industry experts argue that you should not be quick to overlook the vase. A vase will not only revolutionize your room's overall aesthetic, but it also has an impact on the lifespan of your flowers. So it is vital to choose wisely. 

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'Believe it or not, finding the right container can affect the vase life of your flowers,' says  Interflora's In-house Florist, Vicky Wilson.

'If the vase is too narrow, the stems might get squished. Damaged stems lead to a short vase life. If the mouth of your vase is too wide, the arrangement will lose all shape,' she explains. 'A pro-tip is to ensure that the stems fit nicely into the mouth of the vase'. 

Picking a vase that preserves the lifespan of your flowers is a priority, but choosing one that compliments your interior is no small decision - flowers are, after all, there to bless your home with natural allure and timeless elegance. The right vase will showcase your flowers in a way that will further emphasize their natural features and improve the arrangements' impact in your home. 

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Choose the perfect height

The height of a vase is incredibly important when displaying flowers, and is something often overlooked explains glassware experts LSA International.

'You may think that the height doesn't matter as long as it fits the bouquet but having a vase that's too short won't make your flowers stand out in the room. Similarly, a vase that's too high will hide the majority of the flowers' stem. A vase should simply elevate and display your beautiful blooms, not hide its features.' 

Consider your existing interiors

When selecting a vase you need to consider not just the flowers but the space it will sit in, add LSA International. 

'One of the key things you must look out for when choosing a vase is whether or not its design matches your interior décor and whether it will pull the focus away from the flowers,' they explain.

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'For it to perfectly blend with your home, it has to match your interior ambiance. Colour schemes must be taken into consideration, and you'll need to choose the perfect vase that matches your home style. From fluted vases that cast striking shadows when the morning light hits the breakfast table, or taller vases with unique shapes situated in a hallway to help add dimension to a traditionally smaller space, the design of a vase can transform a room in an instant.'   

If you want to invest in a new vase, we couldn't think of a greater place to start than with these statement vases.

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