Five style lessons to steal from ANA ANA – a Moroccan-inspired artistic habitat in the Algarve

We dream of a summer sanctuary that mirrors the minimalist aesthetic of this cacti-kissed paradise

ANA ANA Portugese design tips, swimming pool with cacti
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Few settings epitomize the kaleidoscopic ambiance of Marrakech with Portugal's artistic charisma quite like ANA ANA. The blushing-coral kingdom is the house-atelier of designer Eric de Bruijn amid the creative quarter of Portimão city where renting guests can indulge in the heart of the Algarve. 

While the anticipation for sun-glazed shores draws tantalizingly closer, we're inevitably lusting over everything about this Atlantic hangout – but until then – we plan to mirror its escapist beauty in our own modern homes. Here are five style notes to steal to help you get started. 

1. Experiment with a room divider 

ANA ANA Portugese design tips, room divider in a dining room

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Room dividers, or folding screens, of sorts, have a traceable history back over 2400 years but are presently seeing a jump in popularity – and we're all for this multifunctional trend. Alongside their enduring good looks, room dividers are wholly practical pieces that enable us to break up with our open-plan – without the investment. 

'Dividers are a simple and flexible solution to quickly update the layout of a room while also offering a stylish storage solution. Dividers can create additional zones in compact homes without permanently blocking off a space or losing natural light,' explains Furniture Buyer at Heal's, Hannah Armstrong. After seeing a room divider in use at ANA ANA, we're even more convinced to follow its lead and interrupt our own open-plan space.

2. Invest in a wooden kitchen  

ANA ANA Portugese design tips, wooden kitchen

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The benefits of a wooden kitchen have never felt quite so current. These natural cabinets are more sustainable, easy to decorate, and, above all, entirely party-proof. 

Choose to fill your home with the organic hues of wooden units and apply your chosen finish to ensure your cabinets will last – then alert all necessary acquaintances that your kitchen is ready for the event of the decade. From Portimão to the other side of the ocean, you will always find us in the kitchen at parties.   

3. Accessorize with fashionable pieces

ANA ANA Portugese design tips, bedroom with bare wardrobe

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...And we mean actual fashion pieces, not only accessories that look super stylish. Follow ANA ANA's lead and bring chosen shirts, hats, and bags into the forefront of your room – because fashion is wearable art – after all. Plus, if you're not ready to bare all on a rack just yet, then it is still possible to subtly fill your home with the season's latest pieces. Begin by accentuating your scarves or smaller jewelry pieces to tiptoe into this voguish aesthetic. 

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4. Overindulge with rugs 

ANA ANA Portugese design tips

(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

In ANA ANA's minimalist living room, the primary source of color comes from the tapestry of rugs, which are layered alongside one another to create one majestic floor covering. Follow this home's inspiration and opt for several smaller pieces to create a unique statement piece that is an instant talking-point – and indisputably individual.  

5. Zone your exterior space  

ANA ANA Portugese design tips, zoned garden

(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

While we're using room dividers to break up with our open-plan layout indoors, our outside space is also following suit. The most fashionable way to interrupt your open-concept garden is to create different zones with different purposes, including an outdoor living room. ANA ANA's outdoor space exhibits living room staples, including a sofa, coffee tables, another beautiful rug, and a reading lamp, for when the sun goes down above this oceanic neighborhood. We've never felt so inspired to bring this look into our gardens. 

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The ANA ANA Townhouse is available to rent via Welcome Beyond for €650 per night. The home holds up to ten guests and is found at R. Dom Carlos, Portimão, Portugal.

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