Five style lessons from a Freda Dudley Ward-inspired mansion in London

The historic property pays tribute to the jazz age through its Manhattan-inspired interiors – this is how to bring its allure into your home

Art Deco interior design tips, London property for sale
(Image credit: Tony Murray Photography)

Art Deco interiors may be a century old, but they have never felt quite so current. As we finally begin to indulge in the splendor of the Roaring 2020s, it is only inevitable that our homes will dress for the occasion. But how do we bring the timeless style into our modern homes?

Look no further for inspiration than this £23.5 million Art Deco mansion on London's Hamilton Terrace – with interiors inspired by Freda Dudley Ward, who also lived on Hamilton Terrace between 1937 and 1966. 

Interior designer Nicola Fontanella of Argent Design mirrored the luxe ambiance of Manhattan's classic Art Deco hotels throughout its 10,241 square feet of living space – with a contemporary twist. Here, we're taking notes on how to steal its style and inject fashionable hints of Manhattan throughout our interiors – wherever we are. 

1. Create a focal point with a chandelier  

Art Deco interior design tips

(Image credit: Tony Murray Photography)

The power of a chandelier has endured through the ages, and it's easy to see why. These fixtures have the instant ability to elevate a space from bland to bright, bold, and undeniably brilliant and pays homage to the Art Deco era – as seen in exhibit A – Hamilton Terrace.

When in doubt, follow the mansion's lead and hang your chandelier over your dining table for an unmissable talking point this dinner party season. We feel it's a safe investment – chandeliers aren't going out of fashion anytime soon. 

2. Overindulge in marble – especially in the bathroom 

Art Deco interior design tips

(Image credit: Tony Murray Photography)

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Nothing oozes Art Deco grandeur quite like marble. This elegant material has created statements in the grandest of entrance halls for centuries, but now, we are rushing to bring it into the bathroom. 

While marble in a bathroom is certainly not a new phenomenon, we're particularly inspired by the excess of marble in this bathroom that flows from the floor to the walls and sections of the roof. But please, tread with caution when you leave the tub. 

3. Accessorize your TV strategically  

Art Deco interior design tips

(Image credit: Tony Murray Photography)

We admit, TVs are not always attractive, but there is still a way to dress the area to ensure it fits into your interiors. Look for minimalist accessories, such as sophisticated glass sculptures, vases, or flowers that will allow the appliance to blend into the room. So, you can enjoy the Hollywood classics without worrying about the Tvs impact on the rest of your perfectly curated space. 

4. Create a coffee table – without the table 

Art Deco interior design tips

(Image credit: Tony Murray Photography)

For an unconventional twist on the coffee table, stylize your living room with a plush stool that holds the same glasses, mugs, and books – whilst maintaining the room's luxe aesthetic. For the ultimate nod to the Art Deco era, choose to accessorize your coffee stool with super stylish fashion books and elegant glassware, if you dare. 

5. Continue your interior scheme throughout your exteriors  

Art Deco interior design tips, garden furniture in London garden

(Image credit: Tony Murray Photography)

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While we're lusting over the timeless ambiance of this mansion's interiors, we're also taking notes from the lush garden space. Take a cue from the monochromatic furnishings that create a flow between the interior and exterior spaces – epitomizing indoor and outdoor living in the most fashionable way possible. 

While the cream outdoor furnishings work effortlessly alongside the lightly painted pots and patio doors, we suggest buying pieces that are the same color as your interiors – or don't be afraid to color match and get busy with your paintbrush.  

Hamilton Terrace is currently for sale for £23.5 million ($33.1 million). For further information contact listing agents Aston Chase

Now we've got the contemporary Art Deco home; we have all the excuse we need to throw the house party of the decade. The house and the party will certainly make Gatsby very proud. 

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