Move over eucalyptus, the daisy tree is the must-have plant this spring

Whoever knew the nostalgic daisy could look quite so stylish

Daisy flower trees trend
(Image credit: fleurdetroit)

Gather round – we have just found the most aesthetic garden trend of the season. Yes, the humble daisy has been upgraded to one of the most stylish modern garden must-haves – a daisy flower tree. 

Search demands for daisy flower trees have recently risen by 50 percent, while giant daisy trees have increased by 67 percent. Demands for Euryops daisy trees have also jumped by 200 percent, as gardeners on both sides of the Atlantic rush to embrace the trend of the season.

It is, however, easy to see the appeal behind these blooming structures, as they offer a contemporary twist on the cottagecore craze while oozing with remnants of a nostalgic summer from a time gone by. Everybody, from outdoor living giants to garden boutiques, has rushed to embrace the trend, as Tracy Tucholski from  fleurdetroit shares:

‘Daisy trees evoke happiness with their perfect flowering white and yellow blooms. They are a reminder that summer is just around the corner’.

Daisy flower trees

(Image credit: fleurdetroit)

Shilpa Reddy, the founder of Shilpa Reddy Flower Design, also praises the tree – suggesting its Canarian roots make it the perfect S/S ‘21 trend: ‘The Flowered Daisy Tree known as the Marguerite is native to the Canary Islands and provides a gorgeous display of large flowers all summer long, from early May, right through to Autumn,’ she begins. 

‘This fabulous tree form makes a great centerpiece in pots, on its own or surrounded by other flowers. A pair of these joyful plants look great flanking a doorway, steps, or dotted around the patio through summer. The trees are easy to look after, and they keep year after year. When the season is done, simply trim and bring indoors to a cool, bright room. This plant does best in full sun and moist, well-drained compost,’ Shilpa adds.

Daisy flower trees trend

(Image credit: fleurdetroit)

The trend is unsurprising, however, when you consider the bright flowers from Euryops daisy trees mirror the biggest #gardeninspiration trend on Instagram. As Luxury Rattan explains: ‘Taking the top garden trend spot this year are bright blooms which were featured in 40% of the top 200 images. It’s clear to see that people are feeling bright and optimistic about their upcoming summer plans, and what better way to embrace it than in the great outdoors?’ 

The outdoor manufacturers also highlighted that ‘yellow and white flowers’ were amongst the bright blooms to come out on top.

Daisy flower trees trend

(Image credit: fleurdetroit)

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However, if you want to bring the craze into your garden, you’re going to have to act quickly, as the Indiana-based Bloom Flower Studio Truck revealed how their daisy flower trees sold ‘like hot cakes.’ announced they were also out of stock at the moment. 

'Our Daisy trees are always really popular and sell out quickly when we have them in. White is the most popular color, but you can get pinks and yellows too. They're really cheerful and bright, and look fantastic in a nice planter next to an entrance or front door. All they need is a good quality compost and regular deadheading to keep going all summer,' Chris Bonnett from Gardening Express adds.

The race for daisy flower trees has begun.  

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