Diane von Furstenberg has designed an Echo Dot, and it looks as fashionable as you might expect

Alexa, fill our homes and wardrobes with new season Diane von Furstenberg

Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg in a living room
(Image credit: Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg)

Celebrated designer Diane von Furstenberg has just announced a partnership with Amazon – and the Echo Dot has just had a highly fashionable makeover. Despite being best associated with her iconic wrap dress, Diane has moved into the home tech industry to curate a trio of limited-edition patterned speakers for the next wave of Amazon’s Build It concept. 

While Amazon only revealed Diane von Furstenberg’s Dot this week, we’re already counting it amongst the best smart speakers of the year – with its three diverse patterns that slot into any scheme. 

The aptly named Midnight Kiss Echo exhibits red, pink, and coral lips, while Ikat is a minimalist-lovers dream, complete with a monochromatic zebra print. Lastly, Twigs oozes a playful summer aesthetic through its bold red and purple design that will act as the talking point at any party, if you can hear over your playlist, of course.

Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg in a light hallway

(Image credit: Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg)

However, before you write your guest list, Amazon highlights that the collection is a part of their Build It concept, which means they will only begin building the speaker if they reach their pre-order goal by August 13 at 8:59 AM PDT. You can track the speaker's status on the product page, which might just encourage you to pick up the dot before the deadline. 

Initial supporters will all pay a special promo price and be the first to receive the goods. If the collection does not launch then, customers will not be charged. Shipping is estimated to start between Dec 2021 and Mar 2022, if the pre-order goal is met.

We’ve already rewritten our hallways and modern living room ideas to make sure this stylish accessory is the new statement piece. 

Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg collection

(Image credit: Echo Dot x Diane von Furstenberg)

Plus, to celebrate this unexpected partnership, Amazon has pledged to donate to Vital Voices, a non-profit chosen by Diane von Furstenberg herself. The charity supports women leaders who are facing the world’s greatest challenges.

Alongside its unsurprisingly chic aesthetic, Diane’s Dot includes the conventional features of the Echo, including access to music platforms and smart home features. Yes, you really can use your voice to pre-order Diane von Furstenberg’s new season in its entirety, because why not? It's everything our modern homes could ever need. 

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