House Tours Open Door with interior designer Steve Nash

VIDEO: In our House Tours Open Door series the interior designer walks us round his home that is full of clever ideas

house tours open door steve nash
(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Welcome to the latest episode of House Tours Open Door. We've been busy filming gorgeous homes, filled with cool and clever ideas from their creative owners. 

We are beaming you into eight jaw-dropping homes, to hear from the owners and to get under the skin of exactly what makes a place special. Inspiration from the comfort of your living room? Sounds like a double win.

The artful use of materials by Steve Nash

Interior designer Steve Nash is the founder and creative force behind the studio ALL & NXTHING, and he has used many of his skills on his own home.

A converted Victorian cottage in North London, there are plenty of interesting materials at work here. From the microcement that is used on the floor of the living room and wall of the bathroom to the reclaimed parquet that Steve has turned into a kitchen island, there are beautiful surprises everywhere.  

Steve says his aim for the extended cottage was to create a space that feels cosy, while also being a place that lent itself nicely to social gatherings. And so the dark concrete and dark paints create a cosseting atmosphere, while the island was purposefully large for people to gather around at parties. 

house tours bedroom storage

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Throughout the home,  brilliantly smart ideas exist to make the most of the space. The vanity, built into the bedroom storage, is a particularly brilliant way of getting a lot from a narrow space.

house tours bathroom microcement

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

The double height bathroom is great for growing plants, which Steve says love the humidty. 

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