This Scandinavian 'secret' to sleeping better in hot weather will make you completely rethink how to make a bed

Could this Scandinavian bedding trick be the secret to better sleep? Here's what experts have to say

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Is there anything worse than waking up shivering to discover your partner has stolen all the covers off the bed? Perhaps there is. Right now, you're far more likely to wake up sweltering because they insist on a heavy tog rating all year round while you're left to lie in a sweaty heap on top of the comforter instead. Well, imagine a world where such bedding dilemmas are no more... 

That world would all be thanks to this genius Scandi sleeping method. We have a lot to love the Europeans for, and while they tend to do bedding differently to us (i.e. duvet versus comforter) there are some elements they just get right - this being one of them. It's a revolutionary bedding trick that Scandinavians swear by to sleep better, and all it involves is splitting your bedding in two... Intrigued? Here's how it works.

Why do Scandinavians sleep with separate duvets? 

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We all know that no amount of tugging to win back your covers actually works, so why not just sleep with separate ones? No, we're not suggesting you call your relationship quits or move to different bedrooms. This is exactly what this revolutionary bedding trick entails, and Scandinavians swear by it.

'This is a technique where each person sharing a bed uses their own individual duvet or comforter,' explains Carlie Gasia, a Certified Sleep Science Coach at Sleepopolis. 'The practice allows for personalized warmth, cooling, and comfort without disturbing the other partner, and is particularly useful if you and your partner have different temperature preferences or if one of you tends to move around more during sleep.' 

What are the benefits of sleeping with separate duvets? 

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I'm sure the thought of a more harmonious bed setting sounds appealing in theory, but is it worth the hype? There are times when snuggling down under the same cover is preferable, and who really wants to add another load of bedding to the laundry routine?! Then there's the added obstacle of how to style a bed with two covers... Before you commit, you'll want to learn what the experts have to say. 

'The benefits of the Scandinavian separate duvet sleep hack are vast and diverse,' says Carlie. 'They include more personalized comfort, better sleep quality, and improved relationship harmony so both partners to get optimal rest throughout the night.' 

Of course, the main perk is reduced disruptions for both partners. 'People have different sleep habits and preferences,' outlines Jill Zwarensteyn, an expert at Sleep Advisor. 'While one may be a combination sleeper who tosses and turns, the other might be a back sleeper who doesn’t move much throughout the night. Tossing and turning could pull the cover from the other person and that could be disruptive to the other person’s sleep.' 

Another advantage? There's no need to compromise on personalizing your bedding, either since you can customize your preferences, whether that's weighted blankets for extra warmth or cooling materials for already hot sleepers. 'Even the colors they choose can cater to their personal preference,' adds Jill. 

Can it help you sleep better in summer? 

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Winter might seem like the most obvious time when separate quilts would come in handy, but the idea has its uses when it comes to how to sleep in heat, too. As Jill notes: 'Sleeping under the same comforter can create a hotter environment because two people’s body heat is trapped underneath, and during hot weather in a warmer climate, this can be exacerbated.' 

The answer? Two individual comforters or duvets, of course. 'When it comes to sleeping in hot weather, this hack can help keep both parties cool by providing individual temperature control, enhancing air circulation and preventing the sharing of body heat,' Carlie explains. 'It can also be paired with additional cooling strategies such as cooling pillows, cooling mattress toppers or sheets without affecting their partner's preferences.' 

Ready to give split bedding a try? We're with you. Who knows, it might just be the secret to saving your relationship...  

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