Started by artist SYRETT – a textile designer-turned fashion stylist – Beautalism is a new and emerging art movement with its foundations firmly in fashion.

SYRETT's Runway Gallery is fast becoming known as the virtual home of Beautalism, acclaimed for bringing beauty back into the London art scene.

Made up of a group of artists who stand as the antithesis of the urban, East London art movement, the creations of the Beautalists are far from gritty. The artists themselves are a diverse group of eccentrics and misfits, who use an array of mediums. As such their art ranges from the traditional to the obscure, but one thing they all have in common is a drive to elevate art by returning to beauty.

The past few decades have seen artists and critics placing value on "ideas" over and above aesthetic appeal in art. Favouring concept rather than appearance. This over conceptualisation reinforces the elitism and stereotypical snobbery of the art world, which deprives the artist and the public alike by making art seem unreachable.

Through creating artworks that are both decadent and attainable, Runway Gallery and the artists of Beautalism have a unique contemporary perspective of art. Through merging art with fashion they invite the viewer to see art both as beautiful and for everyone to enjoy. Their aim is to roll out exhibitions, events and art that the public can relish and engage with.

Artist: SYRETT.

SYRETT himself started his art education at Jacob Kramer which later became Leeds College of Art where he took a foundation degree in art and design, specialising in fashion.

He then went on to Liverpool John Moores to take a degree in fashion and textiles this time concentrating on printed textiles.

A true Gen-Xer, SYRETT's successfully chequered career spans fashion design, fashion styling, DJ-ing and running one of the UK's coolest clubs in the 90s (Icon in Liverpool).

14 years ago SYRETT returned to his first love, art, opening the Workhouse Gallery – a contemporary modern gallery, showing works by Mr Jago, Joe Webb, Swoon, Dan Cimmerman, Trafford Parsons, Famous when Dead, TONE and, of course, his own pieces.

SYRETT closed the gallery six years ago due to ill health, but in 2016 returned to painting, under his own name, creating his current body of work using nail varnish as his medium.

Artist: Jake Mosher.

After working with and meeting other artists with connections to fashion, SYRETT decided to start the Runway Gallery, an art gallery with a fashion focus, gathering the works of artists that appealed to him aesthetically and by their quality and individuality.

Followinga pop up show at Leeds Trinity Centre, a theme emerged. 'It was the first time I'd seen all of the art together and had any interaction with the visitors about it,' says SYRETT. 'People were talking about which pieces they liked and why – and the one word that stuck out was that they thought the work was beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it can be taken in so many directions.'

The Runway Gallery currently represents the work of 15 artists, including Bruce Atherton, Pandamonia, Dara Vandar and Grazie.

Artist: Grazie.

As well as an online gallery, The Runway Gallery curates the art and hosts regular exhibitions and 'Soho Salon Supper clubs' at Blacks, the legendary Soho members club.

Find out more about the Soho Salon Supper Clubs here.

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