Scandinavian style interiors go way go beyond stark minimalism; Scandi homes are light-filled and airy, uncluttered and textural, and a welcoming blend of minimalist design, muted colours and cosy textures making them super cosy and inviting. Though simple in their design, Scandi style mixes clean lines with understated elegance and warm functionality, creating a very homely feel.


Scandinavia is famous for its distinctive style of pared-back, clean lines and open, airy and uncluttered spaces. White is often the main colour, which is then warmed up through wood furniture and natural materials, with thin black accents creating modern lines and shapes. Soft pastels and greys also work well in this pared-back, serene scheme.


Known primarily for its simplicity and connection to the outdoors, Scandinavian design celebrates natural light in a place that can go many months with very little sun. Having a lot of light in summer but so little of it in winter, Scandinavian homes tend to maximalise the amount of natural light in winter, while making the most of the outdoors during the summer.


Scandi homes are also made extra warm and cosy for their cold, dark winter months through log burners, tactile textures and plenty of wood and natural materials, but throw open the doors to stimulate better outdoor living during the summer. A blend of styles from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, the design results in gorgeous rustic spaces that are filled with light, and the appeal of Scandi design is now popular all over the world.

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