You can now see three Frank Lloyd Wright houses you've never viewed before

The architect's unrealized designs are no longer confined to paper – you can see them here

Frank Lloyd Wright
(Image credit: Airbnb)

Frank Lloyd Wright fans have the opportunity to view three unrealized designs by the famous architect more than 60 years after his death. 

Introducing Mrs. David Devin House, Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand, and Lake Tahoe Lodge, a trio of properties designed by the Wisconsin-native who penciled 1171 properties in his lifetime (including Schwartz House pictured above).

While unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright's houses occasionally bless the American landscape, 660 of his building designs (including these three homes) exist only on paper… at least until now. 

Angi and NeoMam Studios have decided to bring these three properties to life – so you can marvel at Wright's designs for the first time again. Here's all you need to know. 

Mrs. David Devin House, Chicago, 1896

Frank Lloyd Wright

(Image credit: Angi / NeoMam Studios)

Little remains known about Mrs. David Devin House's house, but this mysterious property is one of the most exquisite of Wright's design ideas. The structure has an ornate façade that contrasts Frank Lloyd Wright's later works and other unbuilt houses. 

This Sullivanesque Style property plays with expressive ornamentation on the fringe of the Chicago River, and it's only right that it exists (if only digitally) in the world today. 

Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand, Connecticut, 1946

Frank Lloyd Wright

(Image credit: Angi / NeoMam Studios)

The term 'cottage studio' is an unusual label for this cantilevered building with horizontal bands of fieldstone. However, that is the name Frank Lloyd Wright chose for this design when he completed the outline in 1946. 

This home was to be built for Russian-born American writer Ayn Rand who initially only asked Frank Lloyd Wright for an interview. Instead, she got the plans for this property that never materialized on the Connecticut landscape. 

Lake Tahoe Lodge, Lake Tahoe, 1923

Frank Lloyd Wright

(Image credit: Angi / NeoMam Studios)

In 1923, the famous architect began designing plans for a non-commissioned and unbuilt project, now known as the Lake Tahoe Summer Colony. The lodge stretches over approximately 200 acres across the lake's southwest corner. 

The home is surrounded by verdant mountains and waterfalls that would act as a natural backdrop against modern decorating ideas (if the property had existed today). 

While these homes may not exist as tangible properties, we're more than excited to see them visually. Just another 657 more to go. 

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