The Surprising Color Trend From Milan Design Week 2024 Proves Pure White Furniture Is Back

Pure white had a notable presence at Salone del Mobile

Milan Design Week B&B Italia Isos rectangular dining table with glass top and marble legs
(Image credit: B&B Italia)

I didn’t expect to see this color have such a strong presence at this year’s Milan Design Week. It seems all we’ve talked about in the past few years have been the numerous shades of off-whites and warm neutrals, thinking that we’d seen the end of pure whites. Well, it seems not. 

What goes around comes around, and maybe as a response to the soft aesthetics we got used to, some brands (quite a few of them actually) have decided to draw our attention back to white in its purest, lightest form. And I think it looks great. Refreshing, even.

The forms that it’s been given, different types of furniture, accessories, or rugs, are minimalist, geometric, and sculptural. There is a lot of texture, detail, and even reflection of light inspired by the surface of precious stones that keep the white from being flat and monotonous. Far from cold, the pure white as we know it has embraced a new perspective, and it’s more exciting than what we’ve seen before.

No wonder we’re seeing surprising trend iterations coming from the home of design, and to celebrate this further we’ve launched our Italian Issue for Spring 24 which is brimming with new, unexpected ideas you’ll love.

1. The Bianco Camargue chair by Gallotti & Radice

Milan Design Week Gallotti & Radice Bianco Camargue chair

(Image credit: Gallotti & Radice)

Gallotti & Radice's collection presented at Milan Design Week wanted to convey a sense of serenity and harmony, and it managed to achieve just that with this beautifully constructed, streamlined piece of furniture. With a white wooden base, and white seating in a pure shape, this chair is an expression of minimalism at its best, while still being comfortable. 

The Bianco Camargue chair conveys a sense of modernity and lightness, but it's conceived with a long-term vision, using high-quality materials that stand the test of time.

2. The Nuur table by Arper

Milan Design Week Arper Nuur table in light wood and white legs

(Image credit: Arper)

This table has a light, effortless silhouette that floats seamlessly above four slender legs, in a shape that is familiar and archetypal. Monochromatic and minimalist, the pure white of the legs is balanced by the very light but warm wooden surface. Easy to integrate in multiple settings from a dining room, to a kitchen or home office, this table is refined, and is easily adaptable to any environment. 

3. The Ernest sofa by Poliform 

Milan Design Week Poliform Ernest white modular sofa

(Image credit: Poliform)

If you're looking for absolute comfort, look no further than this beautiful sofa from Poliform. The white gives it such a striking presence and makes it suitable for a modern home setting. The amazing thing about it is that its modular and adaptable to spaces of different sizes. You can even pick just one module and use it as a comfy, and very stylish, chaise in a bedroom or reading corner

4. The Kanji rug by Rimadesio

Milan Design Week Rimadesio Kanji white rug

(Image credit: Rimadesio)

You have to love a circular rug, and this ivory one from Rimadesio has just the right amount of detail and texture to make it interesting and cozy, while keeping its purified form. 

Woven using a kilim technique, the Kanji rug features a center hand-knotted pile that echoes the typical brush stroke of the Japanese ideogram. How beautiful is that? You can use it under a round dining table, ideally in a minimalist form, with a glass top, so you can see through the subtle center feature.

5. The Isos table by B&B Italia

Milan Design Week B&B Italia Isos rectangular dining table with glass top and marble legs

(Image credit: B&B Italia)

The Isos table was born from the concept of transparency and visual lightness. The white marble, chisel-tipped legs that support the glass top create an almost invisible structure that takes decor and detail to its purest, most minimal form using only what is needed. 

'The Isos table has legs cut at 35 degrees. As if it were a pencil, I pointed the legs at the nook where the tops rest on them to lessen the impact and to exaggerate their static and architectural quality,' explains the designer Piero Lissoni. 'The interesting thing is the tension that is built between these pencil columns and the top.'

6. The Cloud Chaise Longue by Gallotti & Radice

Milan Design Week Gallotti & Radice Cloud Chaise Longue in white

(Image credit: Gallotti & Radice)

Its name says it all. It looks like a cloud, and it's as comfortable as you would imagine a cloud to be. In pure white, its form is shaped by seams that give it geometrical appeal. 'I love how such a minimalist piece manages to look so inviting,' says Global Editor in Chief of Livingetc, Pip Rich. 'It would be so easy to integrate into a minimaluxe interior with a light color and textures palette.'

Each piece from Galotti & Radice's collection is carefully shaped through a meticulous approach to working with materials, reflecting a dedication to the authenticity of artisanal processes, and this chaise longue is a perfect example of that. 

7. Minerals by Edra

Milan Design Week Edra Minerals white quartz material

(Image credit: Edra)

For their latest collection of materials, which can be used with their range of products, Edra designers were inspired by the look of minerals, their pure colors, and reflections of light, an example of the numerous explorations of the new pretty trend. Wuartz was one of them, giving the fabric which it emulates a uniquely luminous quality.

'I was fascinated by a collection of minerals that attracted me with their ever-changing beauty, and I thought this marvel might become a soft material for upholstering our pieces,' explains designer Monica Mazzei. 'I selected minerals that were particularly interesting for their colors and constitution and we reproduced them. It was an incredible journey of research.'

8. The Cameo table by Calligaris

Milan Design Week Caligaris Cameo dining table in white with marble top and brass base

(Image credit: Calligaris)

With this statement piece from Calligaris, optical white is balanced with a metal base and a stone-like ceramic top, making this table interesting, and a strong presence in any interior scheme. 

The designers at Calligaris understood that a pure white can be enhanced even further, for a more impactful effect, when paired and balanced with warm, luxurious details with the gold base. Better yet, the Cameo table also comes in customized and made-to-order to perfectly suit your modern dining room.

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