Five interior design lessons from Florida – the state with the most inspiring style

Sunshine State? Style State. These native designers share how to mirror its vibrancy in your home

Florida style living room with pink sofas and white rug
(Image credit: Alexia Fodere / Courtesy of Britto Charette)

Florida is officially the state with the most influential design aesthetic, a recent study has revealed. The research, which used Pinterest board data to investigate the state with the most inspiring home decor ideas, declared Florida was the most sought-after location after discovering 912 interior-focused Pinterest boards. Cool California followed in second place, with 891 boards, while announced Texas was third with 806 boards.

So, despite the ultra-stylish competition, Florida's sun-drenched shores are the best place to seek interior design ideas. Here, native experts share how to recreate its allure in your home. 

What is the secret to Florida's style? 

Florida style living room with view over the ocean

(Image credit: Alexia Fodere / Courtesy of Britto Charette)

'Miami is home to large Central/South American and European communities whose neighborhoods value modernism. People visit and move to Miami because it's a place where they can be entertained. A place to party, to be seen,' begins the Principal at Britto Charette, David Charette. 

'The blue ocean and sky, the white beaches and buildings – they are a neutral backdrop for the bright cars and fashion of Miami residents. That contrast is echoed in Miami's home décor style that is all about neutrals and natural elements like wood, stone, and marble,' he adds. 

Florida style dining room with wooden undertones

(Image credit: Alexia Fodere / Courtesy of Britto Charette)

Though, perhaps the most sought-after element of Florida's home decor design it's fearless injection of bold hues and daring furnishings that set the state aside from other traditional styles.

'Residents aren't afraid to take risks and will use gutsy modern art with a stroke of red or blue that forces the eye to certain areas of the home,' David explains. Accent is the keyword. It's all about accent colors and textures like polychromic fabrics from Missoni and bold modern art,' he adds. 

How do we mirror Florida's design aesthetic in our homes?  

Florida style living room with view over the ocean

(Image credit: Alexia Fodere / Courtesy of Britto Charette)

1.  Trust neutral tones 

While Floridians are not afraid of a kaleidoscopic palette, David explains that the core colors remain neutral, which offers a 'spartan approach; to design.'

'Think neutrals – neutral walls create a nice base to hang bold, contemporary art. We often use Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White in addition to lots of off-white and silver linen wall coverings from companies like Maya Romanoff,' he shares. 

The Principal of her eponymously named studio, Khadine Schultz, similarly recommends embracing natural hues, such as a 'Crema Marfil marmore floor with a chic beach warm style.'  Plus, 'wood furniture and natural accessories like wool and jute rugs are an easy way [to inject these tones],' Khadine adds. 

2. Experiment with artwork – on your floor

Florida style bedroom with patterned rug

(Image credit: Alexia Fodere / Courtesy of Britto Charette)

Floridan's love art, but not as you know it. Instead of hanging rainbow-kissed pieces from their walls, they are drenched across their floors instead. However, if you're looking for a bold rug, David recommends balancing the scheme with natural flooring, including marble or wide-plank, sandblasted woods.

'We use Kyle Bunting rugs in many of our projects because they have an endless range of vivid colors and can be customized for any room. The rugs have a terrific backing and are elegant yet durable and able to withstand,' he says. 

3. Make magic with mirrored wall panels 

Florida style living room with pink sofas and white rug

(Image credit: Alexia Fodere / Courtesy of Britto Charette)

Another quintessentially Floridan statement is the injection of chic mirrored wall panels that 'creates more depth and interest in a room as well as lending a more expansive feel to the space.' However, as David suggests, the allure of a mirror doesn't end there. 

'The best reason to use mirrors and mirrored wall panels? To capture as much of the ocean and sky as possible. Quintessential Miami,' he says. 'We use the technique in our designs (including the room above) from a project in the Hamptons.'

4. Blur the line between your interior and exterior spaces  

Floral wall in Miami, Florida

(Image credit: Diego Donayre / Ayre Design Studio)

The boundary between our indoor and outdoor spaces has become increasingly blurred throughout 2021, but nobody knows how to epitomize this trend, quite like Florida. 

The Britto Charette team uses stylish window treatments to specify light and 'frame Miami's gorgeous sunrises and water views,' creating an airy flow between the two spaces. Ayre Design Studio's Principal Diego Donayre also suggests bringing the outdoors inside by 'adding a living wall, palm tree or floral cluster that brings balance and zen, softens the edges, appeals to the senses and relaxes the mind.'

5.  Have fun – then have some more fun 

Mural in a modern home with gray and yellow interiors

(Image credit: Future)

We may have already seen hints of Florida's fearless spirit through its art-infused floor coverings, but as Diego suggests, the fun doesn't stop there. 

'Walking the streets of Wynwood, one can't help but be inspired by the visual expressions and want to bring that into a home application,' he begins. But how do we bring this palm-tree-filled paradise into our homes? 'Whether using a classic or more contemporary theme, in a place such as a dining room wall or child's room, a mural adds personality and style and can be a bold statement and attention grabber within a home,' Diego says. 

2021 Interior Trends

(Image credit: Future)

Khadine also recommends wallpapering your bathroom walls to 'make a beautiful style statement.' 'It's a great place to use bold patterns you might not use elsewhere,' she adds.

With these modern home ideas, you can bathe in the Sunshine State, until you catch a flight to Miami International. See you at the shore. 

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