5 maximalist interior tips to take from Hôtel Les Deux Gares – designed by Luke Edward Hall

The bohemian hangout is an eclectic utopia, infused with elements of English quirkiness in Paris' 10th arrondissement

Hôtel Les Deux Gares in Paris maximalist reception
(Image credit: Benoit Linero)

The City of Light has a new kaleidoscopic diamond illuminating the streets around Gare du Nord station. Introducing, Touriste's Hôtel Les Deux Gares, the Luke Edward Hall-designed eccentric paradise that is a remix of unrivaled French style and British charm. Though, this is perhaps only fitting for the sanctuary that borders the destination of the Eurostar, which begins at London's St Pancras and passes through the station less than a five-minute walk from its Art Deco doors. 

The fearless English designer curated a maximalist-lovers kingdom that blends animal print with vintage French posters and rosé-kissed walls that stand against powder-blue sanitary pieces. 

Hôtel Les Deux Gares in Paris maximalist reception

(Image credit: Benoit Linero)

The weird and wonderful world of Hôtel Les Deux Gares is one that we're lusting to enter at the earliest opportunity – but until then – we will mirror its allure in our modern homes. Here are five key design tips to get started.

1. Play with double shower heads 

Hôtel Les Deux Gares in Paris double showerhead in bathroom

(Image credit: Benoit Linero)

Why have one when you can have two? If you're indulging in a maximalist aesthetic, then even your showerheads should know about it. Thankfully for you, double shower heads are trending, and are among this season's must-have bathroom features – but who is really surprised – when they look this good. 

Alongside their stylish assets, however, we can't fail to mention their practical elements that allow you to shake up your shower experiences by offering different temperatures and water directions during the same shower. Our indecisive selves have never felt more ready to renovate. 

2. Curate a cocktail of centuries  

Hôtel Les Deux Gares in Paris, minimalist sofa and wallpaper

(Image credit: Benoit Linero)

Is that a – a leopard print sofa with toile de Jouy wallpaper? Yes, it is. Arguably the biggest lesson we're stealing from Hôtel Les Deux Gares is that it is acceptable to combine different centuries in our interiors. In fact, it is more than acceptable; it is almost essential to curate the quintessential maximalist style that makes the space so admired. 

While we can't all pick up a retro printed statement piece or period paper, the rule remains the same: when it comes to blending eras, there are no rules. 

3. Invest in colored ceramics  

Hôtel Les Deux Gares in Paris, colored ceramics in hotel bathroom

(Image credit: Benoit Linero)

Beyond the inevitable distraction of the double shower heads, we've found ourselves falling for another bathroom staple that is equally as tempting. Colored sanitaryware pieces are back from the 80s and are having a well-deserved moment in the trendiest of bathrooms worldwide. 

These retro pieces aren't for everybody, but if you're enthralled, then Hôtel Les Deux Gares has just given you every excuse you may need to inject more color into your home. 

4. Leave a space for respite  

Hôtel Les Deux Gares in Paris, pale pink wall in a bedroom

(Image credit: Benoit Linero)

While maximalism is all about creating a feast of overindulgence, it is important to balance your scheme by leaving a section of your room clear. Even the figure at the very top of the maximalist kingdom, Abigail Ahern, urges us not to drench every inch of our interiors in audacious patterns, as she warned on Interior Design Masters

Abigail warned against having too many focal points in one space because if a space is too busy, then 'your eye has nowhere to rest. It just reads as quite chaotic.'

'I'm a maximalist; I can't even believe I'm saying this, but [give us] a little bit of an empty wall, please, just so it's a little bit more paired back,' Abigail shares. We can't argue with the master. 

5. Bring art into the bedroom – with your bedhead 

Hôtel Les Deux Gares in Paris, bed head in a hotel bedroom

(Image credit: Benoit Linero)

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While Hôtel Les Deux Gares has no shortage of vintage art and chic hand drawings, we're taking notes on one unorthodox artistic statement, the bedhead. 

These dramatic pieces steal the limelight in any bedroom and showcase a boutique hotel-style ambiance in the most private room of our homes – and when they look this beautiful – we can't see our bedhead fascination wavering anytime soon.  

Rooms at Hôtel Les Deux Gares begin at €88. Reserve your place online. 

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