How To Sleep In The Heat: 6 Steps To A Cooler Night

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Struggling in the heat? With temperatures soaring and a hot sunny Friday and weekend ahead, make sure you're prepared to get a cool, undisturbed night sleep.

The optimum sleeping temperature is apparently 17 degrees – so it's no wonder that we're struggling to sleep at the moment. We've spoken to some sleep experts to find out how we can get comfortable in the hot weather.

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Experts reveal how to get the perfect summer sleep. Keep cool between the sheets with these sleep-friendly tips...


'Layers are usually associated with warmth, but we are talking about layers which you can remove instead of load on! Make your summer bed with layers of sheets and quilts, or light blankets, rather than a heavy duvet. A linen sheet with a lightweight quilt is the ideal summer bed combination as you can fold the quilt back when it is warm and tuck it back over if the night is a little cooler,' offers Jo James from online bedding brand Bedfolk.

Linen is a natural regulator so sleeping under a linen flat sheet will allow your body to maintain a peaceful sleeping temperature – even if that is different to the partner you share your bed with!

The bacterial resistant and moisture wicking benefits of linen have the effect of a natural anti-perspirant, so you have less nights tossing and turning. Just make sure it is 100 percent natural and isn’t mixed with synthetics - our linen sheets are made from quality Belgian and French flax so you can be assured of top quality while you sleep.

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Jo James also explains that high calibre, natural 100 percent cotton or linen are the perfect ingredients for a cool and comfortable bed. When it comes to cotton, most people look for high thread counts but what is far more important is the weave – high quality cotton comes in either a percale or sateen weave and they suit different sleep styles.

A percale weave produces a cool and crisp fabric so it’s the ideal choice for summer months; think super smooth hotel sheets and you’re there! A sateen weave has a silkier feel and is usually better for cooler nights as it offers a heavier drape so this is one for those who sleep cooler.

While synthetic sheets containing polyester or poly cotton may be the cheaper option, they are far less breathable which can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep, especially in summer. They’re also rough to the touch, susceptible to bobbling and can degrade over time. Choose natural materials for a more comfortable night, and say goodbye to cuddling up with synthetics – and this should apply to your pyjamas as well!

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You may feel tempted to throw open the curtains during the day, but apparently that's where we've been going wrong.

New advice from Worcester Bosch, in partnership with the Sleepyhead Clinic, reveals that by shutting curtains during the day, you'll notice an instant improvement in quality of sleep. Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch, says: “Opening your curtains on the south side of your house during the day will increase the temperature of the room. This can work wonders for energy saving in winter, but it can have a reverse effect in the summer as it can make bedrooms become too warm, getting us all hot and flustered! So, by keeping curtains shut in your bedrooms during the summer months you’ll keep them cooler and help create a better environment for great sleep.”

Keep your bedroom cool during the day by opening windows and closing blinds or curtains in south-facing rooms.

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Avoid sweaty, restless nights and swap out your duvet for something more breathable.

Leading sleep experts at Silentnight have created the Cooler Summer Duvet. It has already been a huge hit on Amazon with customers rating it an average 4.7 out of 5 stars. An example reads: "Super light and very comfortable for a warm summer night. I have been sleeping like a baby since I received this."

Silentnight Cooler Summer Duvet, From £14. Available online at

The SIMBA Hybrid Duvet features Aerelle® Cool Night fibre which is embedded with semi-conducting minerals that draw heat away from the body, helping you stay comfortable all night long. Don't just take our word for it, it's had 2,115 five-star reviews. Plus, it's 100% recycled, hypoallergenic and doesn't use any animal products.

SIMBA's Hybrid Duvet, starting at just £99 for a single or £149 for a double,

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While you might usually enjoy the warmer climes from the comfort of your air-conditioned office, it’s a different story at home. Up to now it’s been pretty tricky (very, in fact) to buy a residential air-con unit. So BOXT has introduced the UK’s first next-day domestic air conditioning installation service.It promises to cool and purify the hot air, catching airborne dust particles and neutralising bacteria, fungi and microbes.

The Bosch units include 5 modes: Auto, cool, heat, purify and dehumidify for a healthier, more comfortable sleeping environment. Co-founder Andy Kerr says: “While it’s impossible to control the weather outside your door, it is now simpler than ever to regulate the temperature inside your home, whether the issue is heating your home in the winter, or installing air-conditioning to cool your home when things start to heat up.” Order before 3.00pm, and you can have it installed the next day.

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Last but not least, winding down before bed is essential yet it’s easy to feel restless in the heat. Make up your bed with extra pillows and square cushions to prop yourself up for a calming read or herbal tea before you switch out the light.

As well as being more supportive for sitting up in bed, large square pillows in complementary tones also look great styled on the bed during the day. Use natural cotton or linen covers on these pillows as well and enjoy being surrounded by breathable materials as you get ready to drift off.

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