If you dare to go bare, these beauties could surprise you...

Ever since Plumen lit up the design world in 2010, with its ‘so cool it doesn’t need a shade’ energy-efficient light bulb, LEDs have lost their lowly status and shot into the high-style stakes.

Aesthetically appealing and highly engineered, the pioneering company’s playful and provocative designs – not to mention the new EU laws on energy efficiency – have inspired a host of designers to follow suit and put bare bulbs into the limelight.

Turning light bulbs into a thing of beauty, with barely-there fixtures that show them off by leaving them exposed, the recent crop of bulb pendants are variations on a popular theme.

Designed to resemble traditional incandescent bulbs with visible filaments, the illuminated LED filament itself becomes an attractive part of the lamp’s appeal.

The LED (light emitting diode) bulb uses a fraction of the energy, plus the extra filaments in these state-of-the-art designs emit a much warmer glow (early LEDs tended to produce a cold grey light).

Encased in coloured glass, suspended from solid bronze and polished-nickel industrial-style fittings or offset with luxurious stone, this new generation of bulb pendants are pretty and practical, too.

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