Collab Alert: Brintons X Timorous Beasties

When two great brands combine to create something new, you know its going to be something special.

Brintons is reknowned for its traditional carpet-making expertise. Quality and durablity are its hallmarks. Timorous Beasties is famed for its quirky designs, funky take on scale and colour and tongue-in-cheek humour.

When they collaborate, special things happen. This week, both launched the Craigend Collection at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 in a pop-up installation designed by Studio Shaw Architects.

It is, in fact, Timorous Beasties' third collection for Brintons. Named after Craigend Place, home of the Glasgow-based Timorous Beasties studio and birth place of the designs, the collection name is also inspired by the old Gaelic word ‘Creag’, which means rock.

The installation at Clerkenwell Design Week showcases a unique selection of axminster woven carpets taken from the new Craigend Collection. It's big and it's bold and its actually quite beautiful.

The commercial collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found naturally underfoot, all reimagined in the Brintons’ signature 80/20 blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. It nods to the "often-brutal beauty of the natural world", as well as taking aesthetic inspiration from different crafting materials including paint, ink and fabric.

The Craigend Collection is formed of nine designs:

The Stone Moss & Moss design takes its inspiration from the surface of ancient stones and trees and the mosses and lichen that thrive there. Timorous Beasties wanted to emulate the pathways and arteries formed by these self-contained miniature eco-systems that grow underfoot.

Shot Moiré & Moiré was inspired by the undulating waves of moiré; a silk fabric that has been heated and applied with pressure to give it a rippled appearance, this all-over tonal pattern creates a carpet that looks almost ribbed in texture and evokes the waves of water.

Coast & Shale takes an aerial view of the coast line and the cliff faces that surrounds it, this design creates a contemporary effect; colours are inspired by the deep dark blues of the ocean, soft grey rocks and the bright algae which grows there.

Passiflora design from Craigend Collection by Timorous Beasties for Brintons

Magma is inspired by the geological layers of molten lava beneath the Earth’s surface, Magma is a tonal design which swirls and mixes monotone shades with vibrant green highlights.

Terrain looks at topography and maps, Timorous Beasties created an aerial view of a terrain rich in colour and depth for this carpet design.



Ruskin takes its cues from embroidery and reinvents the iconic Ruskin pattern inspired by the English art critic John Ruskin with delicate florals and pools of vibrant colours.