Abigail Ahern on breaking decorating rules beautifully

The interior designer and stylist busts some myths...

Abigail Ahern is recognised amongst design aficionados for her enchanting take on interiors. She is an influential tastemaker with a unique style and bold approach. Her trendsetting designs have become synonymous with glamour, eclecticism and wit.

If you prefer cool to conventional, here’s what the designer and stylist has to say…

1 Pair blue and green

Blue and green should never be seen? Look to Mother Nature and verdant forests rolling down to an azure ocean to see how ridiculous this rule is. So ditch this one once and for all. Blue and green look beautiful together.

2. Hang Art high and low

Art doesn’t have to be hung at eye level. We’re not living in museums so ignore this rule and hang it high, prop it against a wall on the floor or on a shelf for an artist’s studio vibe or layer it.

3 Ditch pale colours in small rooms

It doesn’t make the room look bigger, it will just make it feel static due to the way the light interacts, as pale hues reflect all colours at once. If you go darker (using paints made from pigments from the earth), as the light changes throughout the day, so does the colour, so you get more shadow and mystery, atmosphere and depth, which will in turn make the room feel bigger.

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4 Free up furniture and flooring

It doesn’t matter whether furniture is on or off of a rug. There are no rules here. Half on, half off or all on, all off. Forget that and mix it up, it will look amazing.

5 Take furniture outside

Ok so the summer is almost over but if we’re on for an Indian summer bear this in mind, you don’t have to only use outdoor furniture outside. Putting indoor furniture outside has totally transformed my garden. Just be mindful that’s it’s made from a material that wont’ be ruined by a shower, or remember to cover it.

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