This genius new storage system might just be the best way to maximise every last inch of your kitchen

Part room divider, part open storage, Schmidt Kitchen’s Wonder Wall is the versatile kitchen idea that will shake up your renovation plans. New for 2023, here’s what you need to know about it

Schmidt Kitchens wonder wall system
(Image credit: Schmidt Kitchens)

Open plan living might well be the biggest design trend of the 21st century, but sometimes, your kitchen could benefit from introducing a partition. You might want to differentiate a kitchen from a utility room or dining room, or to hide the ‘messy’ zones of your kitchen from view, but keeping some sort of connection between these spaces will make your space feel bigger. 

Schmidt Kitchens have come up with a new idea for 2023 that not only creates this connection, but also introduces a statement design feature that will help bring a little bit of your personality to the space. 

Ready to meet the Wonder Wall?

What is the Wonder Wall?

a kitchen with Schmidt Kitchens wonder wall

(Image credit: Schmidt Kitchens)

The Wonder Wall is, in essence, a room divider that can be used to both separate spaces and introduce storage and privacy. It’s a versatile system that can be designed to fit your requirements - your Wonder Wall can include open shelving, closed door storage, cubby holes, drawers - even a wine rack and a home bar. 

Choosing open shelving will mean that you can see through from room to room, keep a visual connection that will make the room feel bigger, while also making these spaces more socially connected, too. Whether you’re in the utility working through loads of laundry, or have guests in the dining room while you prepare food in the kitchen, you can still interact, while preserving privacy in each of these spaces - perfect if you’re prone to cooking disasters and don’t want an audience, or want to keep your washing out of view from the kitchen. 

What options are there for Wonder Wall?

a kitchen with schmidts wonder wall system

(Image credit: Schmidt Kitchens)

One of the brilliant things about the Wonder Wall is that it can help bring structure to an open plan kitchen, without having to construct a new wall within the space. It can be used to create a new door within your kitchen, leading to a utility or dining room, for example. 

Whether you include a door or just leave an opening, you’ll create a double-sided wall that’s ideal for packing in storage, helping to make your kitchen work twice as hard. It also introduces the chance to add your own home decor to your shelving to bring character to your space and really make your new kitchen feel like home. 

And, of course, you’re not just limited to the kitchen. The Wonder Wall can be used to outfit hallways, dressing rooms and bedrooms, or as bookcases - pretty much anything you can imagine. 

a hallway with Schmidt Kitchens wonder wall

(Image credit: Schmidt Kitchens)

‘Wonder Wall is a concept based on what we call “vertical architecture”,’ says Tamara Heller, Marketing Operations Manager at Schmidt UK. ‘Taking home design to the next level, this functional partition can be used to subdivide a space and create opportunities for privacy and storage at the same time.’

When it comes to choosing the style of your Wonder Wall, you’ve got 2,000 combinations of colours and finishes to really make it your own. Schmidt are always introducing new, on-trend colours, too. For 2023, this means Corten - a rich, earthy Bronze - and Rio, a warm, atmospheric red.

To find out more about Wonder Wall, visit the Schmidt Kitchens website or find your nearest showroom