Master a timeless yet modern bathroom with Ideal Standard’s new collections

The latest ranges combine the best of past and present for bathroom designs that promise to ensure transient trends

A modern bathroom with orange accents and a large sink on a black frame
(Image credit: Ideal Standard)

Bathroom trends are ever-changing, but some core elements remain constant. Whether you want a minimalist style or something more traditional, features with clean lines help to create a fresh, sleek aesthetic that’s mirrored in the room’s feel. Finding timeless fixtures like these that still feel modern, however, isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. 

Luckily, you can count on Ideal Standard’s new ranges to do just that. The bathroom manufacturer has added to its award-winning Atelier Collections with two new beautifully crafted ranges, Calla and Joy Neo, which combine classic features with modern technology and innovative design. The result? Bathroom products that represent a true fusion of design across the ages, perfecting for mastering a spa-like space that promises to endure changing trends for years to come. 

 What do the new collections have to offer?  

A large modern bathroom with marble walls and floor and two sinks

(Image credit: Ideal Standard)

Created by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the products in the Calla and Joy Neo ranges have been developed specifically with flexibility in mind, allowing them to be integrated into a variety of different interior styles. This focus on versatility embodies Ideal Standard’s Singular™ philosophy: to provide inspiring, holistic bathroom solutions from a complete range of product categories, all of which can be easily tailored to custom designs and styles. Here’s what you can expect from each collection. 


Inspired by the Victorian age and early ceramic production, the Calla collection features clear, simple geometric shapes with strong horizontal and vertical lines. It comprises a wide range of ceramic pieces, including elegant basins, pedestals, and toilets, as well as a statement free-standing bathtub. When used together, the heritage-inspired designs really nail the trend for quiet, sophisticated luxury.

For a more contemporary look, the basins can also be combined with a dramatic black leg set, perfect for a monochromatic scheme. 

Joy Neo

Joy Neo is a compatible collection of taps that beautifully complements the Calla ceramic suite. It combines features from the existing Joy collection, which is more contemporary in style, with classic square design elements and either cross or lever handles. The fittings are designed to combine with neo-classical ranges similar to  Calla, but also with more minimalist ceramic lines, such as Ideal Standard’s Extra.

From dual-control basin mixers to wall-mounted bath and shower fixtures, there’re plenty of styles to choose from, and all products are available in either a Magnetic Grey or Chrome finish. 

What about their technology?

A modern bathroom with marble walls and a white floating sink

(Image credit: Ideal Standard)

Taking inspiration from the past is certainly the theme of the design, but both ranges are engineered with the future in mind. Innovative plumbing technology prioritizes sustainability, such as the EcoFlow regulator which reduces water consumption down to 5 litres per minute. It’s easy to install too, with EasyFix® decreasing installation time by 30%. 

The fixtures are also built to last. The Magnetic Grey products are produced using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) technology to preserve the vibrancy of the coloured brassware. This thin protective coating is applied in a vacuum, which ensures products are ten times more resistant to chemicals, wear, impact, discoloration, and corrosion. Similarly, with the chrome models, SmartShine® finishing increases longevity while also making cleaning easier.

‘Innovation, heritage, and the needs of the modern day are key elements represented in the neoclassical Calla and Joy Neo ranges,’ says designer Roberto Palomba. ‘It was never our intention to create collections that can only be used in classic interior design, but instead our aim was to design products that can be adapted and fused with elements from other eras to give customers freedom to express themselves.’

Both the Calla and Joy Neo ranges are available to buy now. Check out the Dealer Locator on their website to find your nearest dealer.