Clean homes simplified: robovacs are ideal time savers

Cross some chores off your agenda

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra near dock
(Image credit: Roborock)

Technology is there to make complex or time-consuming tasks easier and quicker. This aspect of technology is put on full display with robotic vacuums, or robovacs, like those coming from Roborock. With a competent robotic vacuum, you can easily erase hours of chores around the house, get unsightly mops and dustbins out of your space, and benefit not only from the time saved but also the cleaner space and healthier living.

The drive toward robotic vacuums is clear. The more time we spend at home, the messier it gets, and the more time we need to spend cleaning. That might be time after a long day of work or time squeezed in between work-from-home meetings. It’s work that’s got to be done, and it’s one reason the demand for automated home-cleaning tech is skyrocketing with 1 in 3 homes expected to have a smart cleaning device by 2025.

Roborock’s premium robotic vacuums put on a strong showing with some of the most robust feature sets you can find in robovacs: complex mapping and navigation, self-emptying dustbins, powerful mopping capabilities, advanced obstacle avoidance, smart home integrations, and powerful suction to make sure everything gets cleaned up. Roborock is in a constant drive for new and useful functionality with more than half of its 890+ employees focused on product innovation that makes customers' lives easier, and each new product demonstrates that.

The smarts are ready from the jump. The first run of a Roborock robovac like the S7 requires little setup and effort. Once the robovac has made a pass of your home, it’ll have mapped out the floor plan and carefully crisscrossed the floor to cover every inch accessible. With that floor plan on hand, you can start designating different rooms. 

Having a robovac that maps spaces makes it easy to perform on-demand cleaning, telling the robovac where to go at any time. With these maps on hand, the robovac won’t get lost, putzing around away from the charger until its battery dies and waiting for you to get home and find it under the couch. Advanced obstacle avoidance just makes it even better at steering clear of things that might get it stuck.

The Roborock S7 family also pulls double-duty when going around your home. They pair powerful vacuuming functionality with a sonic mop head to suck up loose debris and scrub out stuck-on debris. 

Roborock S7 Plus in dock

(Image credit: Roborock)

Once a cleaning job is done, these capable robovacs head right back to their charging docks to get ready for the next chore. With Roborock’s Auto-Empty Dock, you don’t even have to put “empty the robovac’s dustbin” onto your weekly chore list. The dock can hold up to eight weeks' worth of dust, making it a very infrequent chore. It includes powerful filters, too, ensuring you get cleaner air to go along with those cleaner floors.

Since these are properly smart devices, you naturally get handy integrations that continue to make them easier to use. Roborock’s robovacs work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. So all you have to do is ask your phone, smart speaker, smartwatch, or whatever other devices you have a smart assistant living on to clean a specific room, and you can consider it done. 

Whether you’ve got hardwood floors, lots of rugs, a mix of wood and carpet, or tiles floors — or a home with all of the above — Roborock’s powerful robovacs are built to handle the cleaning around your home, automatically adapting to perform optimally on whichever surfaces they come across. Low suction and mopping head down for easy, hardwood flooring. High suction and mop retracted for carpeting. At the end of that day, the aim of the robot vacuum is to save you from doing any more work than you need to, and it achieves this by doing as much as possible on its own.

By offloading more and more chores onto the robot vacuum, you get to take more of that time you spend at home and enjoy it how you see fit. If you’re ready to take back your time and leave the chores in the capable hands (or brushes) of a robovac, see all that Roborock has to offer here.