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Create a sanctuary that’s unique to the way you live with the help of

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It seems we’ve never been more devoted to our homes. This extra reflective time has revealed the importance of making your home a haven – a place where you can retreat from the outside world to rest and regenerate.

First up, your home deserves a premium sofa that will withstand countless movie nights and TV suppers. Statement good looks go without saying. But the real super power of upholstery is in creating a sanctuary that’s personal to you and the way you live.

Among the dashing velvet sofas and plumply inviting upholstered beds at you’ll find button detailing, fluting and scrolls. Customised with your own colour and fabric choices they’ll provide a unique bit of design storytelling.

1. Cultivate cosiness 

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Yellow has found its place among the design aficionados and settled right in. The richer tones such as ochre and butterscotch will easily take upholstery in their stride and are lovely to live with.

Select a warm-to-the-touch velvet fabric and wrap it around a sofa with low scroll arms for a warm embrace. This Saturday sofa in Butterscotch cotton matt velvet from is the perfect place to snuggle.

2. Bring the outside in

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The countryside beckons, even when you’re perched up on high in a contemporary apartment, as any city-dweller will tell you. But that refreshing feel is still within reach. Bring the outdoors to your life inside, amassing a refreshing assortment of ferns and indoor plants as a key decorating tool. 

The power of green is transformative in all its shades, including the subtly toned Olive cotton matt velvet on this Betty armchair from Keep furniture light and leggy to add to the airiness.

3. Work with sumptuous tones and textures

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We can't underestimate the importance of creating a restful bedroom sanctuary to start and end each day… particularly when nights are long and days short. And, of course, a stunning bed in inviting velvet should be the centrepiece.

Highlighted by delicate flute detailing, this Bella double bed in Squirrel cotton matt velvet from will seduce you to sleep with its gentle and inviting curves.

4. Go big and bold

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It’s your home, and whatever you say goes. Focus on being bold with your interior choices and really letting your personality shine. Creating a room which truly reflects your personality will make your heart sing! 

We can't help but smile when we see the Stella sofa in Paprika smart velvet by And you can be sure it will never lose its impact. 

To design a sofa that’s perfect for you and your home, visit Simply choose a style, select a size and pick from their range of over 100 luxurious fabrics. 

Your unique piece will be handcrafted especially for you and delivered to your door by the delivery team.

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