2019 marksthe centenary of the Bauhaus art school. Established in 1919 in Weimar, Germany, by Walter Gropius, and with an illustrious cast of revered designers and artists that includes Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, there's a good reason to mark the occasion. To celebrate this significant date, Murals Wallpaper has designed a new collection thatreferences classic Bauhaus shapes and colours, scaled up as muralsin a modern interpretation ofthe movement.

These statement surface designs feature flat concrete textures inspired by Bauhaus architecture,and transformBauhaus'iconicprimary colour palette intotonesthat suit current decorating trends. Think dusky pink, burnt orange, pale blue, navy and gold.

The overlaying of colours and shapes that make up the murals are inspired by thecolour theorywork of Bauhaus' Josef Albersand by László Moholy-Nagy, a professor at theart school whoexplored perspective in his paintings.

Featuring layered architectural shapes and shifting directions, the murals useminimal lines to present a contrast of sharp angles and soft, curved shapes. The simplicity of the geometric forms and colours cometogether to makea boldimpact.

The designs capture the dynamic, asymmetricforms of original Bauhaus exhibition posters, ona huge scale.

From dedicated design enthusiaststo those who unknowingly experience the great influence of Bauhaus in everyday designs,everyone can celebrate Bauhaus in a big way at home with these sixmurals:Neues Sehen(new vision),Perspektive(perspective),Kreis (circle),Bilden (form),Dreieck(triangle) andDessau (Germancity that was home to one of the three Bauhaus schools).

The vision ofBauhaus paved the way forgraphic designand the modern age. 100 years on, itsincredible influencecan be seen everywhere and continues to be explored in interior design.

The murals are made to measure, so each design can be scaled to fit your walls according to the size, and they're printed on FSC paper with water-based inks, so they're eco, too.

From £36sq m, from Murals Wallpaper