This Viral "Painted" Mirror is One of Our Favorite Ways to Add Color to Your Walls Ever

If you could combine the dopamine decor trend with a maximalist's aesthetic, you'd probably get something resembling this gorgeous wall furnishing

A living room featuring a large circular resin mirror
(Image credit: Courtney Kinnare Studio)

We're all for a classy living room draped in a neutral color palette but every now and then you might feel the need to pop a bit of color into the space for a visually diverse aesthetic. In that case, this viral mirror art may do just the trick. Of late, reflective accessories appear to be a common theme across trendy interior projects and we have to admit that there's a certain allure they bring to a living space.

If your living room is in need of a decorative spruce this spring, you might want to consider introducing a polished piece of decor like this one. We spoke to experts to find out why this reflective decor trend is taking off and how to master its styling. And we also had a chance to chat with the artist behind these gorgeous resin mirrors as she told us more about these decorative ornaments - which happen to be one of her most commissioned art styles yet.

Reflective Mirror Decor For a Pop of Color

A living room with a large colorful resin mirror wall art piece

(Image credit: Courtney Kinnare Studio)

In general, decorating with mirrors can make a great addition to any central living space. They add a hint of dimension and can also be extremely functional in the primary areas of a home. While classic mirrors are a fairly popular addition to contemporary living areas, these modern renditions double as statement wall decor.

Artist Courtney Kinnare ( recently had her work receive high acclaim across social media and once you take a look at her gorgeous mirror art, there won't be a wonder as to why. In her recent viral Instagram video, she gives us a peek into her creative process as she works with liquid resin to mold her gradient mirrors.

In conversation with the artist, she shares that she's a strong advocate for inviting color into a home which has become a key motivating factor behind her creative techniques. 'Whether your design style is minimal or eclectic, adding color intentionally can make a dramatic impact in your space. I truly believe they can enhance our mood and energy, and statement art pieces are a powerful centerpiece to set the tone of a room,' she says. Courtney also points out that mirror works like hers are especially bold, but their ethereal and delicate composition allows them to align with a variety of design styles.

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How to style mirror art for a fashionable living space

Colored mirrors in a white walled living room

(Image credit: Studio Sabine Marcelis)

When it comes to adding color to your living room wall decor, an idea like this is a great way to experiment without commitment, making it easier to find the hues that work best in your home. We think bright geometric mirrors like Courtney's are a great way to enrich the atmosphere of a living room, and design expert David Harris agrees.

He points out that mirrors are interesting art forms, in the way they play with dimension, reflection, and illusion. 'When placing a mirror, think about what you want to reflect. Through a mirror, you can spot your favorite artwork from an unforeseen corner of the room or you could hang one opposite a window to bring the outside in or even along a passageway as a keyhole for what the next room has in store,' he suggests.

If you're looking to decorate with mirrors, Courtney suggests hanging reflective decor on bright open wall spaces where the work can speak for itself. 'Although resin mirrors can’t sit in direct sunlight due to the nature of the material, the shimmer allows a shift in color as you move about the room,' she says. Courtney goes on to describe her ideal backdrop as a muted limewash wall, a concrete console bursting with flora, alongside a bespoke warm orange globe lamp with her mirror nestled at the center of it all.

The living room after the renovation

(Image credit: Photography Credit: Ryan McDonald / Stylist Credit: Kimberly Swedelius)

Lauren Svenstrup, founder of Studio Sven, recently incorporated reflective wall decor into a modern home renovation project and it was one among a myriad of elements that transformed the bland space into a charming art-deco bachelor pad. 'Mirrors and reflective surfaces have always been a staple in home designs of all different styles. But in the last couple of years, there has been an influx of options, including intentionally warped reflective surfaces of varying colors,' she says.

As pictured above, Lauren's curated styling of a living room features a set of three sea-green concave mirrors that perfectly complement the plush blue sofa sitting snugly below. 'The concave mirror creates a remarkably different reflection with every step you take, offering visual interest from every angle. The green delivers a little pop to make it truly feel like art, instead of just a mirror,' she says.

These whimsical mirrors are a joyful wall embellishment, which makes complete sense since they align perfectly with the dopamine decor trend but the best part about these pieces is their versatility. At first glance, they can appear to be a maximalist's dream but they also work really well in neutral glimmering shades of gold and silver to add a touch of opulence to a minimalistic space. We scoured the virtual aisles for trendy reflective decor and fell in love with this 21st-century blue glass concave mirror from 1st Dibs. But if you're looking for similar pieces at a slightly friendlier price point, we've found some fabulous alternate buys that would look lovely in your living room.

Our top alternate buys for a colorful living room

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