Four light, bright London homes, listed by Savills, that make the most of their space

These beautiful London homes, sold by Savills, showcase why neutral, bright properties will always be in style

The truth of the matter is that some buyers don’t want a project. A property that suits their taste and has already been configured to make the very most out of every inch of space will always attract a crowd. 

When you’ve put your heart and soul into the renovation of a property, making the decision to put that house on the market can feel like a heavy one. Yet, there’s peace of mind that your buyer is likely to cherish the work you’ve put into your house just as much as you do. Plus, good interior design, layouts adjusted for functionality and well-specified extensions to your home are all going to work in your favour when it comes to the asking price. 

That’s the story of these four properties, each listed and sold by real estate provider Savills. With designs that were sure to attract attention from their listing photos alone, who knew that browsing an estate agent’s website could also provide interiors inspiration, as well as helping you to find a new home.  

A charming mews house

an exterior of a london mews house

(Image credit: Savills)

When you look around a potential new home, you can always tell when it’s loved by the current owners. That’s the energy this three-bedroom mews home gives. It’s all at once a blank canvas and filled with the personality from the owner’s belongings. The space has been designed in a style that’s enchantingly creative, but uses a simple neutral backdrop. 

Despite its humble appearance, it’s a space that’s been carefully put together. Details, from the Juliette balcony to curving staircase, and even a cinema room, sets this space apart and give you the distinct impression that you could make it feel like home within days of moving in. 

 A cleverly designed duplex apartment 

a kitchen in a modern london home

(Image credit: Savills)

We all know apartment living can be spacious, but did you ever think it could be this cosy? There’s something about this duplex apartment that feels distinctly homely in the best possible way. From the fireplace to the warm tones and textures used throughout the rooms, it’s a home that captures the essence of a boutique weekend hotel stay, something that we could certainly get used to waking up to each morning. 

Plus with generously proportioned, but not oversized rooms, you get the sense that this apartment has been designed for living comfortably. 

A beautiful home with a courtyard garden 

a kitchen in a modern london home

(Image credit: Savills)

It’s hard to know where to begin with this property. While again, it offers you a largely blank canvas to play with, some bold choices really set the tone. Dark wood flooring and kitchen cabinetry, along with black stone surfaces, gives a modern, sophisticated style to the space that leads the interior design scheme. 

One of the most unexpectedly wonderful spaces of this property is the courtyard garden. Both neatly landscaped, yet wild, it’s the perfect adult space for entertaining, while bringing a great connection with nature to the house through slim sliding doors. 

A cool contemporary townhouse 

a dining room in a modern london home

(Image credit: Savills)

There’s an easy way to tell this home has been professionally interior designed. Pay attention to the details. The recessed curtain track in the bedroom, for example, creates a sleek modern finish, while cleverly placed built-in storage makes the most of each room. 

These are brilliant character traits to inherit in a property, and can be used to lead your own interior design style for a space. It’s just enough to tell you what your new home deserves to look like, while still giving you the option to put your stamp on the space.