Treat your bedroom to a stylish upgrade for the perfect night’s slumber

Hand-made in the U.K. to the highest quality and with 100-nights free returns, a brand new bed from Button & Sprung will be sure to have you drifting off in style

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If there was ever a time to treat yourself to a new bed and mattress, then it is now. The last 12 months have certainly been a tiresome slog and have left us all feeling like we need a bit of calm and relaxation, and a new bed from Button & Sprung will give you just that – the perfect place for a good night’s sleep, time after time.

It’s said that we spend about a third of our entire lives sleeping, so ensuring we have a comfortable spot to rest our tired self is a no brainer. After all, there’s nothing better than waking up fully rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day ahead. But, whilst it’s important to invest in a good bed and mattress, it can be difficult and at times overwhelming deciding on the right product for our individual needs. Enter Button & Sprung. They’ve made it their mission to make buying a bed and mattress as easy (and enjoyable!) as possible. Their knowledgeable team of Sleep Experts are on hand to guide you through the process from beginning to end, promising to make it a stress-free experience. Whether you’re looking to maximise your bedroom storage with a luxurious upholstered bed or find a chemical-free mattress suitable for both you and your partner, Button & Sprung are on-hand to help with your needs. 

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Their collection of 9 hand-made mattresses are packed full of specially designed springs. Traditional springs just aren’t up to the job, so Button & Sprung uses the latest in pocket spring technology which reacts better to your weight, providing progressive support just where and when you need it. So even if you and your partner are very different sizes you’ll experience the same level of comfort. 

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Button & Sprung are outspoken foam-a-phobes who strongly believe in the benefits of naturally filled, chemical free mattresses for the ultimate in sleep optimisation. Foam is a poor mattress material as it’s not breathable and can result in over-heating at night, whilst 100% natural fillings will breathe with your body, regulating your body temperature and wicking away moisture whilst you sleep. Additionally, mattresses made from foam can omit unpleasant and potentially harmful chemical odours in a process called ‘off-gassing’. Button & Sprung only uses 100% natural fillings such as Egyptian cotton, wool and silk and do not treat their mattresses with chemicals. The more natural fillings a mattress contains, the healthier your sleep and the more sumptuous the feel. 

Button & Sprung mattresses

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As well as its mattresses, Button & Sprung also has a range of 14 luxury beds, each available as either a bed frame, divan or ottoman storage bed. With over 140+ house fabrics to choose from, your upholstered bed can be perfectly matched to complement your bedroom’s design scheme. Make a statement in a brightly coloured Plush Velvet, or create a cosy bedroom setting with a Soft Wool. 

Button & Sprung also offers a bespoke service, so you can use your own fabric; there really are no limits to what you can have. Prices start from just £545, with UK-wide delivery and a 10-year guarantee. If you still need a little reassurance that you’re investing in the right bed and mattress, Button & Sprung gives you 100 nights to get used to your new purchase. If you find you’re not 100% happy, then you can exchange it for another one or get a full refund - no quibbles. Now you just need some new bedding...

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