This iconic table design has just been re-imagined in new finishes, channelling our favourite new interior trends

These new furniture and finish launches from Cattelan Italia are exactly what we’re looking for in our homes for 2024

table from Cattelan Italia
(Image credit: Cattelan Italia)

The saying goes ‘if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ - but when it comes to design, we kind of disagree. Even when it comes to the classics, novel ideas to evolve a piece of furniture that we already know and love can breathe new life into the design, and give it a fresh perspective. 

It’s what design brands like Cattelan Italia are renowned for - a collection that’s not only wide, but that’s always being re-imagined with new finishes. For some of their most iconic designs - take the Skorpio Keramik table for instance - it presents a way for you to invest in a classic, while also making sure it’s a piece that really speaks to your tastes and personality. 

Their latest launches are no different - and these particular finishes are embracing some of our favourite moves forward in design right now. 

A new perspective

table from Cattelan Italia

(Image credit: Cattelan Italia)

The Skorpio Keramik has been one of Cattelan Italia’s most popular designs since launching in 2015, and with its striking sculptural base, it’s undoubtedly a dining table you’ll have seen in some of the most beautiful modern homes already. 

However, for this year, there are some new finishes to explore for your design projects that we think will push this piece to the top of your wishlist. The new surface finish is Borghini Calacatta ceramic, a marble-effect that takes inspiration from a marble that has been a muse for artists throughout history. This table top brings Borghini Calacatta marble rich veining and ivory white stone to life in a durable, practical ceramic surface thanks to the attention to detail and realistic mix of veining, large and small. 

It comes in a glossy or matte finish, and as well as the Skorpio Keramik table can be applied across other tables, coffee tables, sideboards, desks and consoles. 

Meet the Scott Keramik 

table from cattelan italia

(Image credit: Cattelan Italia)

Cattelan Italia has also launched a new icon in the making with the Scott Keramik table this year. Where the Skorpio is boldly angular, the Scott Keramik’s base takes on a softer form. The base consists of two curved and overlapping metal plates, which can’t help to call to mind the collar of a shirt.

For the base, the new launch is oxybrass hand-brushed steel - a classically warm metallic finish that we’ve identified pushing through as a design trend. It’s a material that feels contemporary and fresh, while the brushed finish helps to highlight the sculptural design of the Scott table. It darkens, slightly, as the table base reaches the floor - a subtle, but exquisite ombre detail that gives this piece a new sense of dimension. 

You can shop Cattelan Italia’s full collection here.