The destination showroom where designing your dream kitchen is an interactive adventure

Sophisticated VR tech, stylish room sets and a wonderful choice in looks and styles allow you to experience your brand new kitchen before it’s built at Life Kitchens’ innovative, luxury London showroom

Life Kitchens
(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

It’s no exaggeration to say that a beautiful kitchen can change your life, for the better. 

Space to entertain friends and family, the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee, efficient storage systems so your home feels calm and uncluttered - and that’s before you’ve even thought about the aesthetics, and the joy that can bring. 

The right kitchen is truly rewarding. Yet before your dream design can be achieved there are dozens of decisions to be made - and it’s not always easy to make them. 

Different styles, colours, materials, plus appliances, furniture and lighting, and the all-important layout - it’s a big investment and the amount of choice can be overwhelming. 

Life Kitchens’ innovative London showroom turns that on its head and makes designing your dream kitchen an exciting interactive adventure.

The fifth generation family business is leading the way when it comes to kitchen design. Experts in crafting kitchens, with roots tracing back over 110-years, Life Kitchens marries the past with the present, to enable you to experience the future. 

With VR (virtual-reality) support a complementary part of the design process, your dream kitchen can be brought to life whilst still on the drawing board.

Life Kitchens

(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

Whether it’s choosing the colour of your cabinetry, the material for your worktops, which way the island should face, how many drawers to have or where to place the oven, it’s all made easy at Life Kitchens with their expertise and innovative design process.

Tracking your body and hand movements and relaying that information onto a large screen, through a 360-degree 4D virtual-reality headset, it feels like you have jumped into your future kitchen, enabling you to experience proposed layouts, materials and colour choices, as well as being able to open cupboards and interact with appliances simply by touching them.

Life Kitchens

(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

Design decisions become sensory experiences, where you can trial what does and doesn’t work before finalising your plan, plus you get to see - and feel - the end result, through the VR headset, simplifying the process and putting you in control of the design decisions. 

Visit Life Kitchens’ vast London showroom to view the inspiring room sets, showcasing a host of classic and contemporary kitchen styles, from relaxed and homely to seamless and structured, alongside stylish pantries and integrated dining areas. 

Alternatively book a one-to-one appointment to discuss your design ideas or to try out the Life Kitchens experience.

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