4 easy steps to window wellness this winter

Autumn is the perfect time to upgrade your window dressings in time for winter, and the Hillarys customised service will do all the hard work for you

A woman sat on a sofa in a living room with a dog
(Image credit: Hillarys / Isa Chadborn)

With the first nip of autumn in the air, we begin to retreat back into the comfort of our homes in preparation for the colder months and longer nights ahead. During this time, inviting warmth and serenity into our homes becomes a priority, and one of the first places to turn is our window dressings. If you’re looking to give yours a revamp this season, Hillarys is the place to start. 

With a huge range of curtains, blinds and shutters in a host of colours, patterns, and textures, Hillarys has a window dressing to suit every home. They measure, make, and fit all of their products to ensure that they’re right first time, taking the stress out of your redecorating journey. 

This year, interiors influencer Isa Chadborn enlisted Hillarys help to bring her calming Scandi style to her windows. For Isa, a home that promotes well-being is all about comforting textures in timeless neutrals that avoid feeling cold and uninviting. Having a Hillarys expert on hand was the human touch she needed to help find tactile and soft fabrics, with practical advice on her windows.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your windows with options that marry trend-led styles and performance features, we’ve listed four easy steps to window wellness this winter, using Isa’s home as a springboard for fresh ideas.  

1. Call in the experts 

A small powder room with a venetian blind in the window

(Image credit: Hillarys / Isa Chadborn)

Just as you wouldn’t install a new bathroom without the help of a plumber or rewire your lighting without the aid of an electrician, you should always consult an expert for the very best window dressings. Booking an appointment with your local Hillarys advisor is really quick and easy to do, plus it won’t cost a penny. There’s never any pressure to buy either - their team of experts will simply offer guidance, giving you the power to make your own decisions. 

Once you’ve decided on your new window treatment, you can trust Hillarys’ end-to-end service to do the rest. With measuring, fitting and dressing all included as standard, you can rest assured you’re also getting value for money. It might be tempting to bypass bespoke services, but in the long term, opting for a window furnishings specialist will save you time, money and stress​. 

2. Combine form and function

A stairway with a roman blind in the window

(Image credit: Hillarys / Isa Chadborn)

Whether you opt for blinds, curtains or shutters, your window treatment should combine both style and substance. Far more than just an aesthetic feature, they serve a multifunctional purpose too. Not only do they offer us privacy as the nights draw in, but they also filter harsh light and can act as a great thermal barrier against the harsh winter chills and draughts, meaning now is the perfect time for an upgrade. And of course, once summer rolls around again, they’ll also work to keep your home cool, too.

You’ll also want to find an option that meets your individual needs in terms of practicality, whether that’s specialist blackout curtains or Venetian blinds that allow you more control over your light levels and privacy. In Isa’s home, for example, the Duke Olive Roman Blind with Blackout Lining at the top of her stairs was a must for filtering light, while the neutral tones offer a calming welcome as you walk through the front door.

3. Control light 

A living room with an L-shaped sofa, neutral rug, and French windows covered with voiles and curtains

(Image credit: Hillarys / Isa Chadborn)

During winter, it’s not always a case of inviting more light into your home - at times, you may need to filter harsh or low light too. A great way to master this is by layering different window treatments, whether that’s curtains and voiles to also add an extra layer of privacy, or curtains over thermal blinds for added warmth (also great for draughty doors or windows).

In Isa’s living room, she’s had sustainable-choice Harper Almond Curtains made to fit her French doors. It’s a space that bridges the gap between outside and in, and a cocoon of relaxation. Her curtains are layered over an Echo White Voile, allowing soothing light into the room while maintaining privacy. Both layers of material are super easy to operate too thanks to the clever double track that was recommended, customised, and installed by Hillarys. 

4. Update a room for relaxation 

A home yoga studio with a jute rug and natural roman blind in the window

(Image credit: Hillarys / Isa Chadborn)

These cooler seasons signal time to hunker down inside our homes, so setting a mood of comfort and relaxation is key. Our living rooms and bedrooms aren’t the only space in the home that should promote calm, however. When deciding on new window treatments, take a moment to consider the rooms of your home that might need some attention this autumn. That could mean making your home office more peaceful and productive with a new set of blinds or making your kitchen feel more cosy and convivial with some textural curtains. 

For Isa, the focus was her yoga space. Now that her daughter has flown the nest, an otherwise empty room has become a haven for wellness and calm. Warmth and serenity take priority in this room, an area dedicated to helping her destress from the day. The yoga room’s window has been given a new lease of life with its Electric Roman blind which helps to offer Isa a private moment. 

For a seasonal window upgrade, Hillarys has you covered. Their effortless designs promise to bring style into your space while you can relax in the knowledge that the measuring and fitting are all taken care of for you. Cosying up your home for winter wellness has never been easier!

Visit hillarys.co.uk to book a free in-home appointment.