Natural Habitats – meet the designers putting a sense of place into their products

Explore the moments of inspiration, trends and materials that went into Habitat’s must-have spring / summer pieces

A coffee table and sofa with vibrant patterned cushions
(Image credit: Habitat)

What makes a truly great piece of home design? Over the coming weeks we will be working with two highly talented designers to explore the provenance behind Habitat’s versatile 2023 range. In our Natural Habitats series, we will uncover the places, ideas and memories that inspire the best of British design and creativity, to find out how and why our favourite pieces elevate our interiors and make us feel more at home. 

Join us for a special look into what defines brilliant design, from the UK’s experts. Habitat’s Head of Design Andrew Tanner holds a deep passion for bringing high-end pieces to a wider audience, helping people craft expressive interiors that reflect their unique sense of self. Our homes are a chance to shape the world around us, he says, and the products we use to furnish and style them should excite and delight us. 

David Hutcheson, Senior Furniture Designer for Habitat, draws inspiration from the effortless cool of Scandinavian design, as well as the minimal but textured simplicity of Japanese home styling. “I’m quite eclectic in my approach,” David explains, “but I really love minimalism. That kind of design speaks to my soul.” There’s a tangible fusion of the classical and the contemporary in David’s work, which brings traditional aesthetics to life in a way that complements any modern home. 

Dining table with patterned cutlery and playtes

(Image credit: Habitat)

Everything from the materials used in manufacturing to the functionality and comfort of the final piece is carefully considered by Habitat’s designers. Their products are a blend of global inspirations from the small space solutions of New York City to the stimulating patterned tiles of Lisbon. In our upcoming conversations with Andrew and David, we will discover the many ways in which the world around us has influenced their designs, and will shine a light on Habitat’s refreshing 2023 collection.  

Whether your own home is a sleek, modern apartment or a charming chocolate box cottage – or whether you’re renting or have found your forever home – Habitat’s latest range is sure to feature an inspiring piece that speaks to you. 

Pebble-shaped coffee tables and pleasingly speckled marshmallow mugs are perfect for a laid-back, soothing style inspired by Danish hygge. To add depth and dimension, take a look at Habitat’s tufted textiles, which can bring welcome pops of sage and ochre into your home. And if you’re turning to relaxing materials for mealtimes, think about the long-lasting beauty of rustic acacia kitchenware, or mango wood serving bowls that instantly transport you to the vibrant landscapes of India. These are all great ways to bring artisan touches into your day-to-day life, helping you to easily elevate the essentials. 

Pastel coloured mugs, bowls and plates on a light table surrounded by chairs

(Image credit: Habitat)

This year, Habitat is prioritising stand-out pieces that stay with you through changing trends. These adaptable and long-lasting products make it easier than ever to transform your home into a cosy and personal space that evolves throughout the seasons. 

Watch our full interviews with Andrew Tanner and David Hutcheson in our Natural Habitats videos, coming soon, and check out more in upcoming issues of Livingetc magazine.

Habitat's new SS collection launches on the 29th of January. Visit to shop the full range.

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